Concentration in Value Investing

Value investing is the investment methodology developed by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd, and pursued by investors such as Warren Buffett and the Gabelli School’s namesake, Mario Gabelli, GABELLI ’65. The secondary concentration in value investing was developed by James R. Kelly, lecturer in finance, and launched in 2013. It is well-suited to qualified students who wish to add specificity to their degree.

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Value Investing can be pursued by Gabelli students as a secondary concentration only.

Course Title Credits
FNBU 4457Introduction to Value Investing 13
FNBU 4458Behavioral Finance3
FNBU 4459Advanced Topics in Value Investing 23

Students who want to pursue this concentration should take Introduction to Value Investing (FNBU 4457), no later than the second semester of junior year. The prerequisite for the introductory course is FNBU 3221 Financial Management, with a corequisite of ACBU 3436 Global Financial Statement Analysis.


FNBU 3441 Investments & Security Anlys is a prerequisite for FNBU 4459 Advanced Topics in Value Investing and must be taken to complete the secondary concentration in value investing.