Professional M.B.A.

The Gabelli School's Professional M.B.A. is designed for people who plan on keeping their jobs while they go through school. This program provides you with a next-level credential that will capitalize on your work experience—not duplicate it. It can be finished in as little as two years, six trimesters. Classes meet after work or on weekends, and the Gabelli School's class schedule allows you to make the most of your time at our Columbus Circle campus by taking two courses in the same evening.

Program Overview

The Professional M.B.A. program is ideal for individuals with three to seven years of work experience who seek a well-rounded, upper-level business education while maintaining a full-time job. Please note: this program is limited strictly to a part-time plan of study; Professional M.B.A. candidates may take a maximum of two classes (six credits) per term in their first year. 

The new curriculum includes a slate of core courses to build a strong foundation across all business disciplines and electives that offer a choice of courses targeted to your interests.

Professional M.B.A. students can choose among seven primary concentrations as a focus for their studies, and can specialize the degree further with a secondary concentration.

For more information on the Professional M.B.A., visit the Fordham website.

The Professional M.B.A. is a 52-credit program. In their first year, Professional M.B.A. students take two courses per trimester. The Gabelli School offers three terms each year—fall, spring, and summer—to enable your progress.

The layout of the program is as follows:

Course Title Credits
DGGB 6820Statistics3
BEGB 6220Econ Analysis & Bus Decisions3
ACGB 6111Fundamentals of Accounting I3
BLGB 6321Markets, Business, and Society3
Five "Flex" courses from the following:15
Business Tech & Analytics
Business Law I
Customer-Driven Marketing
Leading People and Organizations
Intro Financial Sys & Methods
Operations Management
Leadership Communication
Managerial Accounting Analysis
Five Concentration courses15
Three Elective or Secondary Concentration courses9
CPGB 7100Gabelli Capstone Experience1
Total Credits52

Students who wish to pursue two primary concentrations must complete 58 credits. 

Students may take an optional "bootcamp" course, administered online, prior to:

  • Statistics
  • Econ Analysis & Bus Decisions
  • Fundamentals of Accounting I

to review fundamental prerequisite concepts that the course assumes a working knowledge of.

Five-course primary concentrations and three-course secondary concentrations are the way to customize your degree.

Primary Concentrations


With the exception of Public Accountancy and FinTech, all primary concentrations can also be pursued as secondary concentrations.

Secondary Concentrations

One-on-one meetings with graduate academic advisers will be indispensable as you make decisions about whether to pursue a concentration or secondary concentration, and if so, which. Our advisers offer special expertise in navigating requirements and ensuring that your academic program matches your post-M.B.A. plans. The deadline for full-time M.B.A. students to determine your selected concentrations and notify your academic adviser of your selections is the end of the add/drop period for the fall semester of your second year of the full-time M.B.A. program. Consult your adviser for your deadline if you are completing the Professional M.B.A. program.