Entrepreneurship Secondary Concentration

In a business environment where startups have changed the landscape profoundly in the last decade, an understanding of entrepreneurship is key.

Entrepreneurship at Fordham is broader than simply starting a new business, it's a mindset. It's the creativity of approach and ability to spot opportunities that enable even those who take their MBAs to work at large, established corporations to be the ones with fresh thinking that moves their companies forward.

Entrepreneurship students have access to the Fordham Foundry, the University's small-business incubator, where they can receive support toward launching their own businesses.

To earn the Entrepreneurship secondary concentration, students must take one required 3-credit required course and an additional six credits from upper-level courses that are coded for Entrepreneurship, for a total of three classes for nine credits.

Course Title Credits
LPGB 7637Entrepreneurial Mindset3
Two concentration courses6
Total Credits9

Concentration courses

Courses in this group have the ABEP attribute. 

Course Title Credits
ACGB 7105Financial Accounting3
ACGB 7155Managerial Accounting Analysis3
ACGB 7184Individual and Business Entity Taxation3
BEGB 7240Money Credit Interest Rates3
BLGB 7320Business Law II3
CMGB 7530Innovation in Media Business Models3
CMGB 759LComm for Entrepreneurs3
CMGB 759RSocial Media3
FNGB 7470Real Estate Finance3
FNGB 749CVenture Capital Financing3
FNGB 749JSustainability & Finance3
FNGB 74ANInvestment Banking3
FNGB 74BKFintech -An Introduction3
FNGB 8414Modern Financial Analysis1.5
FNGB 849IBlockchain1.5
FNGB 849JDigital Currencies1.5
FNGB 849NFintech: Disruption in Finan Services1.5-3
GFGB 7022Venture Capital Finacing3
GFGB 8011Blockchain1.5
GFGB 8012Digital Currencies1.5
ISGB 7901E Business Strategies & Appl3
ISGB 7905Web Applications Development3
ISGB 7924Mobile E-Commerce and Apps3
ISGB 7943Programming with Python3
ISGB 7945IT and Sustainability3
ISGB 7978Web Analytics3
LPGB 7610Leadership and Change3
LPGB 7637Entrepreneurial Mindset1.5,3
MKGB 7755Integrated Marketing Communications3
MKGB 7792New Product Development3
MKGB 8701Marketing Analytics1.5
SAGB 76BSBlockchain: Industry Disruptor and Creator3
TXGB 7184Individual and Business Entity Taxation3

NOTE: Only one Money, Credit, and Interest class may be taken, however it can be with either the BEGB or FNGB course code.