Modern scientific research in Biology and Chemistry is increasingly interdisciplinary, and undergraduate training in the sciences at Fordham therefore must respond to remain relevant. The Department of Chemistry (FCRH) and the Department of Biological Sciences (FCRH) therefore have created an interdisciplinary minor in Biochemistry with a curriculum that overlaps the topical coverage of modern Biological Sciences and Chemistry.

The requirements for the minor are founded upon a two-semester course in modern biochemistry (Chemistry Department), plus two one-semester courses, namely, genetics and molecular biology (Biological Sciences Department or, alternatively, Natural Sciences). Two additional advanced electives outside of a student's major program round out the course requirements.

The Biochemistry minor additionally provides students with the opportunity to participate in research activities with faculty across the biology-chemistry disciplines.

Coursework in Biochemistry draws from offerings in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and Natural Science.

Course Title Credits
Biological Sciences Courses
BISC 2539
BISC 2549
General Genetics
and General Genetics Lab
BISC 3643
BISC 3653
and Microbiology Lab
BISC 3752Molecular Biology3
BISC 3754Cell Biology3
Chemistry Courses
CHEM 3622Physical Chemistry II4
CHEM 3721Quantitative Analysis4
CHEM 4221
CHEM 4231
Biochemistry I
and Biochemistry Lab I
CHEM 4222Biochemistry II3
CHEM 4241Biomimetic Chemistry3
CHEM 4621Bionanotechnology and Introduction to Nanomedicine4
CHEM 4625Computational Chemistry3
Natural Science Courses
NSCI 2122
NSCI 2822
Immunology Lecture
and Immunology Lab
NSCI 3133
NSCI 3833
Genetics Lecture
and Genetics Lab
NSCI 3154Cell and Development Biology Lecture 13
NSCI 4080Pharmacological Chemistry3
NSCI 4081Neurochemistry3
NSCI 4143
NSCI 4843
Advanced Microbiology Lecture
and Advanced Microbiology Lab
NSCI 4176
NSCI 4876
Molecular Biology Lecture
and Molecular Biology Lab