Program Options

Program Modalities

Full Time Plan of Study

In the full time plan of study, students generally can complete their MSW program in two academic years.  It consists of:

  • Two years of classroom coursework (24 credits each year).
  • Two years of fieldwork (9 credits per year).

Your fieldwork includes a generalist and specialist year practicum. The practicum schedule is 21 hours OR 14 hours per week.  All students are expected to complete 600 hours of fieldwork placement per year (1,200 hours total over the two-year period).

If you have any questions, contact Linda White Ryan, Assistant Dean of Student Services at 212-636-6605 or

Part Time Plan of Study

The part-time plan of study is for students who would like a slower pace to completing their MSW degree.  In this plan of study, you can complete your MSW degree in three to four years.

You can begin this plan with two classes per semester in the first year. Fieldwork placement is added in the second year. You also have the option of completing some courses during summer sessions (usually mid-May to early July).