M.S.W. Hybrid

Fordham's online hybrid master of social work (M.S.W.) option on Long Island is a collaborative program with Molloy College that combines traditional face-to-face classes at Molloy's campus with online courses. In the online courses, you will meet weekly with your professor and classmates in synchronous sessions as well as pace your own learning with asynchronous course content.

The hybrid M.S.W. option enables more Long Islanders to conveniently obtain a Fordham University M.S.W. degree. We offer full-time, part-time, and Advanced Standing plans of study with both fall and spring start dates. If you have questions, contact Joanna Suppa, director of the Fordham/Molloy collaborative program, at (516) 323-3884 or suppa@fordham.edu.

Your Fieldwork Practicum is an integral part of Fordham University's master of social work (M.S.W.) degree and uniquely prepares you for your career as a social work professional.

The two-year Field Instruction consists of 14 credits:

  • A weekly fieldwork placement internship
  • Two-hour long Field Advisement Sessions classes scheduled over four semesters¬†

Field placements take place at an agency within the tri-state area. Supervision is provided by a field instructor who has a master of social work degree at the agency. 

Fieldwork Schedule

Field Instruction includes 16-21 hours per week.

For additional field instruction resources, please visit our website.