Your Fieldwork Practicum is an integral part of Fordham University's master of social work (MSW) degree and uniquely prepares you for your career as a social work professional.

The 1,200-hour, 2-year Field Instruction course conveys 18 credits and consists of:

  • A weekly Fieldwork Practicum.
  • 20 two-hour-long Integrative Seminar classes scheduled over four semesters.

You’ll fulfill your fieldwork at one of a multitude of agencies throughout the tristate area. You will be supervised by an experienced employee at the agency who has an MSW degree and has completed the Seminar in Field Instruction.

Generallist Phase Students

During the Foundation Phase (the first 33 credits) of the MSW program, your practicum introduces you to generalist social work practice and the clients that social workers traditionally serve. We consider your geographic location, schedule of available hours, and your work and volunteer experience when we arrange your placement. Most agencies will require an interview.

Students in the Employed and Experienced Social Worker Plan (EESSP) of study are not required to take a Fieldwork Practicum during the Foundation Phase. However, you will participate in Lab Practicum, a three-credit class that prepares you for the transition from employee to student in an agency. The course is closely modeled after the Foundation Phase Integrative Seminar.

Specialist Phase Students

Your field instruction during the Advanced Phase (the last 33 credits of the program) reflects your MSW degree concentration, if applicable. Students in the Advanced Phase participate more actively in choosing where they are placed and they interview at the placement site.

Estalla Williamson, Director of Field Education 212-636-6797 or