Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education

The Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education seeks to serve in cooperation with all denominations through research and continued ministerial outreach. While we are committed to charting future directions, we also confront contemporary problems of church communities with compassion and wisdom.

The GRE encourages students to integrate academic knowledge with personal wisdom, and to serve the church and society as committed and compassionate leaders. Thus, our academic programs provide rigorous academic training that serve students from all Christian denominations and other faith traditions. Degree students may, as need arises, take advantage of up to six credits of relevant courses offered in other schools of Fordham University, or at universities in the area (Columbia, NYU, Union and Jewish Theological), or at other accredited universities.

Online Programs

The GRE also offers many degrees online so that no matter where you are in the globe, you can join us as we discern matters of religion and spirituality and its place, or relevance in today's world.