Supervision (Adv Cert)

This program is offered online with two, week-long intensive courses on campus.

Fordham’s advanced certificate in supervision offers experienced spiritual directors formation in the art and practice of supervision, along with a process for discerning a call to supervision ministry. Training features both cognitive and applied learning and includes resource gathering, modeling, discerning, practicing, demonstrating, case preparation, mentoring, reflecting, researching, writing, and supervised fieldwork.

Graduates of this program will be prepared to offer supervision across ministerial settings and collaborate with others in the formation and ongoing care of spiritual directors and other pastoral ministers. Career objectives for the advanced certificate in supervision include enhancing skills for current spiritual direction ministries and increasing opportunity for work as supervisors in spiritual direction formation programs, retreat houses, campus ministry programs, schools, and parish settings. There is a strong demand for such supervisors in the United States and Canada, as well as overseas.

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1. A bachelor’s degree
2. Completed application
3. Graduation from a substantial spiritual direction formation program
4. Three to five years of supervised spiritual direction practice
5. Commitment to receiving ongoing spiritual direction/supervision
6. Letters of recommendation from current spiritual director and supervisor
7. Interview

The requirements for the advanced certificate in supervision are as follows: 

Course Title Credits
SPGR 6910Introduction to Supervision3
SPGR 6912Practicum in Formal Supervision3
SPGR 6914Practicum in Informal Supervision3
SPGR 6916Practicum in Group Supervision3
SPGR 6920Supervision Capstone Intensive3
Total Credits15

SPGR 6910 Introduction to Supervision and SPGR 6920 Supervision Capstone Intensive are taught as in-person summer intensive courses.

SPGR 6914 Practicum in Informal Supervision, SPGR 6916 Practicum in Group Supervision, and SPGR 6920 Supervision Capstone Intensive are taught as 8 week online courses.