FinTech Concentration

This concentration will give students a deeper exposure and skill set in the evolving use of technology to deliver financial services, commonly referred to as FinTech. Students can opt for the technical aspects of these innovations, or, on the application of such technology. We expect students majoring in finance to focus on the applications of FinTech, such as the use of Blockchain in setting up cryptocurrencies, machine learning for data analytics, and artificial intelligence in investment management. I.S. students would typically focus more on the computational aspects and applications. Expertise in the use of FinTech will allow students to access opportunities in this high-demand area.

The Primary Concentration in FinTech is a 15 credit program, not including two prerequisite courses. Of the 15 credits, one class is a required introductory class to FinTech, and the rest are electives.


Before taking any courses for the concentration, students must first complete the following courses:

  • Core Information Systems: ISGB 6910 Business Tech & Analytics
  • Core Finance: FNGB 6411 Intro Financial Sys & Methods


Course Title Credits
FNGB 74BKFintech -An Introduction 13
or ISGB 799X Fintech -An Introduction
12 Credits of Elective Courses (see below)12
At least 3 credits of Finance courses
At least 3 credits of Information Systems courses
Total Credits15

Students focusing in Finance should take the FNGB course, and students focusing on Information Systems should take the ISGB course.

Additional notes

  • No more than 4.5 credits of the follow courses may apply toward this concentration
  • Double-counting:
    • No more than 3 credits may also apply toward the secondary concentration in Blockchain
    • No more than 4.5 credits may apply toward the primary concentration in Finance
  • Some courses have pre-requisites which may not necessarily apply to the concentration. 

Information Systems courses for FinTech

Courses in this group have the ABFI attribute.

Course Title Credits
ISGB 7902System Analysis & Design3
ISGB 7943Programming with Python3
ISGB 7967Data Mining for Business3
ISGB 7973Database Management3
ISGB 7977Text Analytics3
ISGB 7990Big Data Analytics3

Finance courses for FinTech

Courses in this group have the ABFF attribute.

Course Title Credits
FNGB 74ATFintech Compliance- Asia to Us3
FNGB 74AUAlgorithm Trading3
FNGB 74BGAuto Trading Systems - Intro3
FNGB 74BTFintech Lending & Payments3
FNGB 849IBlockchain1.5
FNGB 849JDigital Currencies1.5
FNGB 849NFintech: Disruption in Finan Services1.5-3
GFGB 7039Computational Finance3
GFGB 7050Machine Learning for Finance3
GFGB 7051Econtech: Econ & Data Mining3

FinTech courses in Other Areas

Courses in this group have the ABFO attribute.

Course Title Credits
SAGB 76BSBlockchain: Industry Disruptor and Creator3