Degree Requirements

Fordham College at Rose Hill awards both the B.A. and the B.S. degrees. The bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degree programs at Fordham College at Rose Hill are four-year, eight-semester programs. Degrees are awarded on the successful completion of a minimum of 36 courses and 124 credits, with a minimum cumulative index of 2.000. It is expected that students will be in residence during the final semester in which they complete their degree.

Students ordinarily take 20 courses (usually three-credit) in their first and second years and 16 courses (usually four-credit) in their third and fourth years. Two-credit laboratory courses do not count toward the 36-course total. The only exception to the 36-course requirement is that students who take (and successfully complete) Introductory Biology (with laboratory) and General Chemistry (with laboratory) in their first semester may take only four courses and thereby reduce the number of courses required for graduation to 35.