Summer Courses

Summer Courses and Courses Taken at Other Universities

Because of the concentrated nature of summer courses, students must have written permission from their class dean to take more than two summer courses or 8 credits in one summer, or more than four summer courses in the course of their college career, whether at Fordham or at another college. The decision to grant permission will be based on the student’s past academic history, as an indicator of the student’s ability to succeed in the courses. It is also recommended that students not take more than one course in each summer session, so that two courses should be taken in consecutive summer sessions whenever possible.

During the fall and spring semesters students may not take courses at another college or university with the exception of study abroad. However, students may receive credit for courses in which they earned a grade of C or above, taken during the summer at an accredited four-year college, or for courses taken abroad in an approved program. Students who want to take any courses at another school must submit a request for approval ahead of time and a scholastic index of 2.000 or higher (3.000 for study abroad). If the course is to be applied toward a major, permission from the chair or associate chair of that academic discipline is also necessary. Permission for summer school courses does not constitute waiver of residency requirements.