Matriculated students are those who have been admitted as candidates for a degree. A nonmatriculated student is one who has not been admitted as a degree candidate but has received approval to register for credit courses.

Classification of Students

Class standing is determined by the number of credits the student has completed:

Year or Classification Credits Completed
First Year 0-29
Sophomore 30-59
Junior 60-91
Senior 92 and above

Official Registration

Fordham University recognizes that the responsibility for each student’s academic success is shared by the student, the faculty, and the administration. Therefore, before a student registers for coursework at the University, preregistration advising is provided.

First- and second-year students normally register for five three-credit courses. Third- and fourth-year students normally register for four four-credit courses.

By way of exception, third- and fourth-year students who have achieved a 3.700 cumulative grade point average are eligible for a scholarship for a fifth course taken to enrich their academic program: one in the student’s third year and one each in the semesters of the fourth year. Such scholarship courses and credits may not be used to make up for previous course withdrawals or incomplete registrations and may not accelerate graduation, that is, to reduce the number of full-time semesters a student spends in Fordham College at Rose Hill. To register for a fifth course, approval of the appropriate class dean is necessary.

For students approved to take an additional course, but who do not qualify for the scholarship, payment per credit above the student’s allocated credit limit per semester is required.

Juniors and seniors with a grade point average lower than 3.000 may not take an additional course except for unusual reasons and with the approval of the class dean.

Late Registration

Registration at a date later than the day designated may be permitted for serious reasons by way of exception. Students registering late are held accountable for any class absences thus incurred.

Course Changes

By the last day of course changes, as specified in the academic calendar, students should recognize that they have made a serious commitment to complete the courses for which they have registered. Alterations in registration after the last day for course changes will be allowed only if the advisor/class dean determines that such a change is important to the academic program of the student. Students’ non academic commitments should be arranged so as not to interfere with coursework to which the student is committed by registration. 

Veteran students should be aware that if they are using any military education benefit, withdrawal from a class may create a debt with the VA, their Service Branch, or Fordham. Before withdrawing from a class, such students should consult with the VA Certifying Officials in the Office of Academic Records.

Registration in Other Fordham Schools

With a few exceptions, such as Honors Program and Manresa courses that are college-specific, Fordham College at Rose Hill students may register for courses in the Gabelli School of Business and Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC). Courses for the major and minor should be taken at the home school or at FCLC; however, with departmental approval, a limited number of these courses may be taken at the School of Professional and Continuing Studies. Students may not take more than six courses at the Gabelli School.

Changes of Name or Address

Students are expected to notify the class dean and the Office of Academic Records immediately of any change of address or change of name.

Credit Limits

Full-time status is achieved by registering for 12 or more credits per term; part-time status involves a credit load of fewer than 12 credits. Full-time status is needed for financial aid.

Sophomores completing a B.A. degree have a credit ceiling of 20 credits. Sophomores completing a B.S. degree, requiring additional lab courses, have a credit limit of 21 credits. This is a result of the Core Curriculum, which encourages sophomores to begin taking upper-level and major courses at an earlier stage in their studies.

Juniors and seniors pursuing a B.A. degree have a credit ceiling of 18 credits. Juniors and seniors completing a B.S. degree have a credit ceiling of 20 credits, allowing them to register for up to 20 credits. If students exceed their credit ceiling, they are charged for each credit above their ceiling.

Academic Rank in Class

Starting in the 2019-2020 academic year, rank in class will no longer be computed or published for Fordham College at Rose Hill students. This section pertains to the 2018-2019 academic year and earlier.

In Fordham College at Rose Hill, a student’s rank in class was computed on the basis of a minimum of 24 graded credits in a regular academic year. No rank in class was computed for a student who had fewer than 24 graded credits in an academic year.

Rank in class was computed only once at the conclusion of the academic year. If grade changes of any kind were made after this time, rank in class was not recomputed.