Peace and Justice Studies Minor

The minor requires six courses and two further credits linked to experiential learning:

Course Title Credits
One introductory course (PJIN)4
Four electives 116
Two credits in experiential learning2
One capstone course (PJCP)4

Introductory courses

Students are encouraged to take PJST 3110, but may substitute any of the courses listed below as well.

Courses in this group have the PJIN attribute. 

Course Title Credits
COMC 3330Peace, Justice, and the Media4
PHIL 4310Human Rights in Context4
PHIL 4473War and Peace: Just War Theory4
PJST 3110Introduction to Peace and Justice4
POSC 3228Civil Rights4
POSC 3511War and Peace4
POSC 3522United Nations4
POSC 4515Seminar: International Politics of Peace4
SOCI 2420Social Problems of Race and Ethnicity4
SOCI 3001Ethical Issues in Justice4
SOCI 3110Global Conflict: Wars/Religion4
SOCI 3405Gender, Race, and Class4
THEO 4847Theologies of Liberation4

Experiential Learning

The required two credits of experiential learning regarding peace and justice issues may be earned by completing two of the following service opportunities.

  1. an approved course with a Service Learning attribute (SL) or Community Engaged Learning attribute (CEL)
  2. an approved Global Outreach trip
  3. an approved program at the Center For Community Engaged Learning or other Fordham office (e.g., Multicultural Affairs, Campus Ministry)
  4. an approved practicum at the Social Innovation Collaboratory
  5. an approved study abroad program that includes service learning, e.g., Casa de la Solidaridad (El Salvador), Ubuntu (South Africa), or CIEE Capetown
  6. other approved volunteer work or internship

To apply for approval of credits, email the program director 1) a description of the experiential learning service work and 2) the number of work hours/days.

Capstone courses

Students may take any course on the list below, or a similar approved capstone course on social justice movements and conflict resolution.

Courses in this group have the PJCP attribute.

Course Title Credits
ORGL 2600Mediation, Negotiation, Alternative Dispute Resolution4
PHIL 3712Global Environment and Justice4
POSC 3516Conflict Analysis/Resolution4
POSC 3522United Nations4
POSC 3527United Nations Peace Operations4
POSC 4400Seminar: Global Justice4
POSC 4515Seminar: International Politics of Peace4
SOCI 4970Community Service/Social Action4
SOCI 4990Conflict Resolution and Justice Creation4
THEO 4026Theologies of Peace4
THEO 4630G.O. Deeper. Interdisciplinary Inquiries4


The peace and justice studies minor is available to students in Fordham College at Rose Hill, Fordham College at Lincoln Center, the School of Professional and Continuing Studies, and to undergraduate students at Gabelli School of Business.