Peace and Justice Studies

Who works for peace, justice, and conflict resolution in our contemporary world of national, cultural, religious, racial, gender, and environmental differences?

You can with Fordham's minor in peace and justice studies, addressing issues of war, terrorism, colonialism, poverty, religious conflict, human rights, multiculturalism, economic and environmental justice, race and gender equality, criminal justice reform, and conflict resolution and peacemaking.

Men and Women For Others

Peace and justice studies embodies Fordham's mission of "men and women for others," and is one of the university's oldest interdisciplinary programs, having been founded in 1986. The program was first inspired by the 20th century movements of liberation theology, social justice and civil rights, and peace activism. Central figures were the peace activist Father Daniel Berrigan, S.J., who taught at Fordham for many years, and Dorothy Day, founder of the Catholic workers movement, after whom Fordham's Dorothy Day Center For Service and Justice was named (recently renamed as Center For Community Engaged Learning). Other major influences on the program's formation include Mahatma Gandhi, the Buddhist peace movement, Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther King. Today the program also encompasses the diversity movement and the environmental justice movement, as well as global justice issues inspired by the international human rights movement, the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, and other international venues of conflict resolution and peacemaking.

Experiential Service and Conflict Resolution Learning

Peace and justice studies is unique among Fordham's programs in that its students are required to perform service work for local charities, government agencies, or international NGO’s. Students complete at least two credits of experiential service and conflict resolution learning through volunteer work, internships, and co-curricular projects in programs such as the Center for Community Engaged LearningMulticultural AffairsCampus MinistryGlobal OutreachUnited Nations Academic ImpactStudy Abroad, or the Social Innovation Collaboratory.

A Distinctive Educational and Professional Profile

The peace and justice minor makes your profile distinctive, and sets you apart, whether your career goals are in government, NGOs, law, business, education, healthcare, community development, environmental organizations, or religious organizations. In the words of student Robin Happel, "you don’t necessarily have to handcuff yourself to anything to be an activist. If you want to work on Wall Street, consider a corporate social responsibility division that works for reform, and invest in start-ups like Spes Nova. If you want to be a lawyer, make your pro bono service something meaningful to you, more than just another box to check for the bar. Whatever path you take in life, I promise there is something in Peace and Justice Studies for you."

Complementary Majors

The Peace and Justice minor makes an excellent complement to majors in Political Science, Sociology, Social Work, Economics, Business, Theology, Philosophy, Humanitarian Studies, International Studies, International Political Economy, Urban Studies, Environmental Studies, African and African American Studies, Latin American and Latino Studies, Middle East Studies, and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Two course can be double counted between major and minor.

For more information

Visit the Peace and Justice Studies program web page.

Our Courses

PJST 1800. Internship. (1 Credit)

A proctored internship in a peace-focused or justice-focused organization, with approval of program director. This fulfills one of the two experiential learning requirements for the minor.

PJST 1999. Tutorial. (1 Credit)

Independent research and reading with supervision from a faculty member.

PJST 2999. Tutorial. (2 Credits)

Independent research and reading with supervision from a faculty member.

PJST 3110. Introduction to Peace and Justice. (4 Credits)

This course introduces students a wide variety of theories and applications within the field of Peace and Justice Studies -- surveying insights from fields such as political science, international relations, criminal justice, psychology, religion, gender studies, economics, sociology, anthropology, urban studies, the fine arts and others. This class is intended to be interactive and participatory in nature. The course includes readings, lectures, class discussions, games, case studies, role plays, training exercises and simulations; students examine a range of conflict intervention options and are able to evaluate the relative strengths and disadvantages of a variety of skills and techniques. Each week of the class explores a dominant theme and branch of research in this wide and diverse discipline, which provides a foundation for further investigation and engagement in the field. The class builds the capacity analyze and intervene in a variety of conflicts at an interpersonal, organizational, neighborhood, state, national and international level. In particular, students learn how and why various conflict interventions succeed or fail depending on contextual factors. Four-credit courses that meet for 150 minutes per week require three additional hours of class preparation per week on the part of the student in lieu of an additional hour of formal instruction.


PJST 3200. Environmental Justice. (4 Credits)

This course focuses on the environmental justice movement in the United States and internationally. Environmental justice is defined as the equitable distribution of environmental burdens and benefits among racial and socioeconomic groups and among developed and developing countries. Issues such as pollution, climate change, biodiversity loss, industrial agriculture, food security, urban sprawl, and public health are treated. Note: Four-credit courses that meet for 150 minutes per week require three additional hours of class preparation per week on the part of the student in lieu of an additional hour of formal instruction.


PJST 3999. Tutorial. (3 Credits)

Independent research and reading with supervision from a faculty member.

PJST 4200. Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking. (4 Credits)

This course focuses on interdisciplinary theories in peace and justice studies regarding conflict resolution and peacemaking in our contemporary globalized world. Conflicts between and within countries, and options for intervention, will be studied. Four-credit courses that meet for 150 minutes per week require three additional hours of class preparation per week on the part of the student in lieu of an additional hour of formal instruction.


PJST 4999. Tutorial. (4 Credits)

Independent research and reading with supervision from a faculty member.

Courses in Other Areas (by topic area)

Each of the following areas represents a topic area within Peace and Justice Studies. Although they do not represent requirements for the minor, the groups are intended to represent areas in which students may be interested.

All courses below also have the PJST attribute and count toward the Peace and Justice Studies minor.

Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking courses (PJCR)

The following courses have the PJCR attribute.

Course Title Credits
CLAS 3030Athenian Democracy4
COMC 3174Public Relations4
ENGL 4209Literature of Peace and War4
HUST 4001The Humanitarian System: Past, Present, and Future4
HUST 4200Forced Migration and Humanitarian Action4
INST 4620The World of Democracy4
ORGL 2600Mediation, Negotiation, Alternative Dispute Resolution4
ORGL 2800U.N. and Political Leadership4
PHIL 3702Rights, Justice, and Global Governance4
PHIL 3711Humanitarianism and Philosophy4
PHIL 4310Human Rights in Context4
PHIL 4470Lincoln: Democratic Values4
PHIL 4473War and Peace: Just War Theory4
PJST 4200Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking4
POSC 3210Civil Rights and Liberties4
POSC 3228Civil Rights4
POSC 3511War and Peace4
POSC 3516Conflict Analysis/Resolution4
POSC 3522United Nations4
POSC 3527United Nations Peace Operations4
POSC 3534The International Politics of Civilian Protection4
POSC 4400Seminar: Global Justice4
POSC 4515Seminar: International Politics of Peace4
POSC 4526Seminar: The Politics of Humanitarian Intervention4
POSC 4620Seminar: The World of Democracy4
SOCI 4970Community Service/Social Action4
SOCI 4990Conflict Resolution and Justice Creation4
THEO 4026Theologies of Peace4
THEO 4630G.O. Deeper. Interdisciplinary Inquiries4

Religions and Justice courses (PJRJ)

The following courses have the PJRJ attribute.

Course Title Credits
AFAM 3120Black Religion and Black Politics4
AFAM 3154Black, White, and Catholic: Race, Religion, and Civil Rights4
AMCS 3340Catholicism and Democracy4
ANTH 3110Ancient Cultures of the Bible4
CPBU 4003Spirituality and Fair Trade3
HIST 1850Understanding Historical Change: Jews in the Ancient and Medieval World3
HIST 3986Religion and Politics in Islamic History4
LALS 4620Oscar Romero: Faith and Politics in El Salvador4
LPBU 4003Spirituality and Fair Trade3
PHIL 3591Medieval Political Philosophy4
POSC 3418Islamic Political Thought4
SOCI 2505Religion and Social Change4
SOCI 3110Global Conflict: Wars/Religion4
THEO 3383Latin American Liberation Theologies3
THEO 3542Catholic Social Teaching3
THEO 3546The Bible and Social Justice3
THEO 3605Scripture and the Human Response to Trauma3
THEO 3611Scripture and the Struggle for Racial Justice3
THEO 3652Liturgy That Does Justice3
THEO 3715Classic Islamic Texts3
THEO 3716Islam and Modernity3
THEO 3876Muslims in America4
THEO 3960Religion and Race in America4
THEO 4620Oscar Romero: Faith and Politics in El Salvador4
THEO 4847Theologies of Liberation4
THEO 4853Spirituality and Politics4

Social Justice Movements and Revolutions courses (PJSJ)

The following courses have the PJSJ attribute.

Course Title Credits
AFAM 3720African American Philosophy4
ANTH 3476Latin American Social Movements4
ANTH 4114Anthropology of Health Healing and Social Justice4
COLI 4020Literature, Film and Development4
COLI 4206Comparative Studies in Revolution4
COMC 4246Media, Disability, Futurity4
DTEM 3475Digital Media and Advocacy4
ENGL 3047Rhetorics of Resistance and Social Movements4
ENGL 3637The Rhetoric of Social Movements4
ENGL 4184Postwar American Literature and Culture4
ENGL 4206Comparative Studies in Revolution4
ENGL 4246Media, Disability, Futurity4
ENGL 4421Disability, Literature, Culture: Neurological, Mental & Cognitive Difference in Culture & Context4
HIST 3550Fascism from Mussolini to the Present4
HIST 3852The American Radical Tradition4
HIST 3951Popular Education and Social Change in the Americas4
HIST 3961Rebellion and Revolution in Latin America and the Atlantic World4
HIST 3972Revolution in Central America4
HIST 4922“Freedom Now”: Black Political Thought4
HPRH 2101Justice I: The American Experience3
HPRH 2201Justice II: Global Contexts3
HUST 4501Humanitarianism and Global Health: Unequal Access for the Displaced and Marginalized4
LALS 3972Revolution in Central America4
LALS 4620Oscar Romero: Faith and Politics in El Salvador4
MLAL 3450The Arab Spring in Arabic Literature4
PHIL 3623Marx as a Philosopher4
PHIL 3653Latin American Philosophy4
PHIL 3701Human Rights Theories: Foundations and History4
PHIL 3713Human Rights and Global Justice4
PHIL 3720African American Philosophy4
PHIL 3905Philosophy of Disability4
POSC 3322Disability Law, Policy, and Advocacy4
POSC 3326Latino Politics4
POSC 3427Islam, Art, and Resistance4
POSC 3532The Development of Human Rights Law4
POSC 3645Politics of Immigration4
POSC 4010Taming "Wicked Problems": Social Science Research and Solutions Lab4
POSC 4022Seminar: China in Global Affairs4
POSC 4037Social Movements and Revolutions4
SOCI 2505Religion and Social Change4
SOCI 3456Modern Social Movements4
THEA 3520Producing through a Social Justice Lens4
THEA 4050Arts, Social Justice, and Human Rights: Foundations4
THEO 4620Oscar Romero: Faith and Politics in El Salvador4
THEO 4847Theologies of Liberation4
THEO 4853Spirituality and Politics4
VART 1111Connection and Context: An Introduction to Art & Engagement4
VART 3030Art Design and Politics4
VART 3060Visual Justice: Enacting Change Through Image-Based Storytelling4

Media and Justice courses (PJMJ)

The following courses have the PJMJ attribute.

Course Title Credits
COLI 4570Films of Moral Struggle4
COMC 3247Race and Gender in Media4
COMC 3268Media and National Identity4
COMC 3330Peace, Justice, and the Media4
COMC 4114Speaking for Change4
COMC 4222Media and the Environment4
COMC 4268Media and the Social Construction of Reality4
COMC 4340Freedom of Expression4
COMC 4360Communication Ethics and the Public Sphere4
ENGL 3006Nonprofit and Advocacy Writing4
FITV 3647TV, Identity, and Representation4
FITV 4570Films of Moral Struggle4
RUSS 2650Media and the Russian State: News Outlets From 19th Century to Present Day Russia4
SOCI 2925Media, Crime, Sex, and Violence4

War, Terrorism, and Violence courses (PJWT)

The following courses have the PJWT attribute.

Course Title Credits
AFAM 3072Civil Wars in Africa4
ANTH 4490Anthropology of Political Violence4
COLI 3006Trauma Theory4
COLI 3802Literature and Imperialism4
ENGL 3059Creating Dangerously: Writing Across Conflict Zones4
ENGL 3616American Cultures of War4
ENGL 3802Literature and Imperialism4
ENGL 4209Literature of Peace and War4
HIST 3192The United States, Africa, and the Cold War4
HIST 3305Medieval Warfare4
HIST 3566War and Imperialism4
HIST 3570Genocide4
HIST 3846The History of U.S. Foreign Relations, 1974 to Present4
HIST 3925The Holocaust4
HIST 4011Why America Fights4
HIST 4310Africa, Race, and the Global Cold War4
HIST 4767Seminar: Torture and the Western Experience4
PHIL 4473War and Peace: Just War Theory4
POSC 3225Human Trafficking and the Law4
POSC 3511War and Peace4
POSC 3526Democracy, Terrorism, and Modern Life4
SOCI 3110Global Conflict: Wars/Religion4
SOCI 3470Global Refugee Migration4
SOCI 3714Terrorism and Society4
SPAN 3730Writing Violence: Peru, 1980-20004

Race and Culture courses (PJRC)

The following courses have the PJRC attribute.

Course Title Credits
AAST 3357Writing Asian America4
AAST 3359Asian Diasporic Literatures4
AAST 3647Seeing Stories: Reading Race and Graphic Narratives4
AAST 3838Postcolonial Literature and Film4
AAST 4150Race and Contemporary Film4
AAST 4600Anger in Asian American Literature and Culture4
AAST 4603Asian American Critique4
AFAM 1600Understanding Historical Change: Africa3
AFAM 3001African American History I4
AFAM 3002African American History II4
AFAM 3037Being and Becoming Black in the Atlantic World4
AFAM 3115Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X4
AFAM 3120Black Religion and Black Politics4
AFAM 3132Black Prison Experience4
AFAM 3136U.S. Civil Rights4
AFAM 3141Women and Social Change in Africa4
AFAM 3146African Immigrants in the United States3
AFAM 3148History of South Africa4
AFAM 3560"We Can't Breathe...": The History of Black Protest4
AFAM 3633The Bronx: Immigration, Race, and Culture4
AFAM 4000Affirmative Action and the American Dream4
ANTH 3340Anthropological Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity4
ANTH 3343Ghettos and Gated Communities4
ANTH 3355Culture and Anticolonialism4
ANTH 4006Palestinian Culture at Home and in Diaspora4
ARAB 2400Approaches to Arabic Culture4
CLAS 4055Race and Ethnicity in Antiquity and Today4
COLI 3359Asian Diasporic Literatures4
COLI 3624Music and Nation in the Arab World4
COLI 4011Narrating Childhood4
COLI 4016Rewriting the Mediterranean (20th and 21st Centuries)4
COLI 4055Race and Ethnicity in Antiquity and Today4
COLI 4150Race and Contemporary Film4
COLI 4210Comparative Studies in Atlantic Revolutions4
COLI 4600Anger in Asian American Literature and Culture4
COLI 4603Asian American Critique4
DTEM 3447Race, Gender, and Digital Media4
ENGL 3003Introduction to Professional Writing4
ENGL 3012Novel, She Wrote4
ENGL 3037US Latinx Literature4
ENGL 3075Pride & Prejudice: An Examination of Black Britain and the Problem of Belonging4
ENGL 3104Medieval English Blackness?4
ENGL 3152Race and Religion in Literature: Beowulf to Wuthering Heights4
ENGL 3350Ethnic Camera: Race and Visual Media4
ENGL 3357Writing Asian America4
ENGL 3359Asian Diasporic Literatures4
ENGL 3608(De)Constructing the American Renaissance4
ENGL 3610Abolition4
ENGL 3630Black American Icons4
ENGL 3636Introduction to African American Literature4
ENGL 3641Slavery and American Fiction4
ENGL 3645The Middle Passage4
ENGL 3646Black Disability Studies4
ENGL 3647Seeing Stories: Reading Race and Graphic Narratives4
ENGL 3650Stayin' Alive: Performing Blackness and Whiteness in 1970s US Film and Literature4
ENGL 3691Black Atlantic Literature: Modernisms4
ENGL 3695Black Protest, Black Resistance, Black Freedom, Black Rage4
ENGL 3838Postcolonial Literature and Film4
ENGL 3918The Phenomenon of Oprah’s Book Club4
ENGL 4007Seminar: Othello4
ENGL 4031Seminar: The Tempest4
ENGL 4109Seminar: Latinx Speculation4
ENGL 4112Seminar: Borders, Migrants, and Refugees4
ENGL 4113Seminar: Writing Whiteness4
ENGL 4125Seminar: Im/Possible Worlds: Race, Social Difference, and Pop Genres4
ENGL 4150Race and Contemporary Film4
ENGL 4227Black Literature and Film4
ENGL 4228Black Protest from Slavery to #BlackLivesMatter4
ENGL 4600Anger in Asian American Literature and Culture4
ENGL 4603Asian American Critique4
ENGL 4605Sem: Anti-Racist Methods4
FITV 3648Television, Race, and Civil Rights4
HIST 1400Understanding Historical Change: Latin America3
HIST 1450Understanding Historical Change: South Asian History3
HIST 1600Understanding Historical Change: Africa3
HIST 1700Understanding Historical Change: Mideast3
HIST 1750Understanding Historical Change: Islamic History and Culture3
HIST 3001African American History I4
HIST 3002African American History II4
HIST 3073African Intellectual History4
HIST 3670The Modern Middle East4
HIST 3747Slavery and Freedom in Greater New York City4
HIST 3789Modern South Africa Stories4
HIST 3806U.S. Immigration/Ethnicity4
HIST 3915Contemporary China4
HIST 3946African Economies and Humanitarianism4
HIST 3950Latino History4
HIST 3955Slavery Freedom/Atlantic World4
HIST 3969Latin America and the U.S.4
HIST 3974Spaniards and Incas4
HIST 3991History of the American Indians4
HIST 4008Race and Gender in the Old West4
HIST 4111Modern African Stories4
HIST 4308Antisemitism4
HIST 4310Africa, Race, and the Global Cold War4
HIST 4312Antisemitism and Racism4
HIST 4331US in the Middle East: 1945-Present4
HIST 4510Conquest, Conversion, Conscience4
ITAL 3452Italophone Migrant Literature From Africa and Beyond4
JOUR 3740Ethics and Diversity in Journalism4
LALS 1400Understanding Historical Change: Latin America3
LALS 3130Race and Gender in Latin American Popular Music4
LALS 3600Latin America: Current Trends4
LALS 4510Conquest, Conversion, Conscience4
MAND 3040Topics in Mandarin Chinese Literature4
MAND 3050China in the Headlines: An Advanced Newspaper Reading Course in Mandarin Chinese4
MLAL 3050Becoming Germany—German Literature, Film, and Popular Culture after World War II4
MLAL 3110Anti-Racist Pedagogy4
MLAL 3450The Arab Spring in Arabic Literature4
MLAL 3624Music and Nation in the Arab World4
MLAL 4016Rewriting the Mediterranean (20th and 21st Centuries)4
MUSC 3130Race and Gender in Latin American Popular Music4
MVST 3501Between Conquest and Convivencia: The Spanish Kingdoms of the Middle Ages4
PHIL 4205Seminar: Justice and Social Identity4
POSC 3310Racial and Ethnic Politics4
POSC 3424Political Philosophy between Islam and the West4
POSC 3520Mideast and the World4
POSC 4020Place, Space, and Immigrant Cities4
POSC 4025Youth and Politics4
POSC 4210Seminar: State, Family, and Society4
PSYC 3600Multicultural Psychology4
PSYC 4310Aging and Society4
PSYC 4850Community Mental Health4
PSYC 4910Global Mental Health & Psychosocial Humanitarian Aid4
SOCI 2410Inequality: Class, Race, and Ethnicity4
SOCI 3017Inequality in America4
SOCI 3102Contemporary Social Issues and Policies4
SOCI 3136Inequality-Why/Effects4
SOCI 3242Mental Health and Human Rights4
SOCI 3405Gender, Race, and Class4
SOCI 3410Migration/Globalization4
SOCI 3418Contemporary Immigration in Global Perspective4
SOCI 3603Urban America4
SOCI 4020Place, Space, and Immigrant Cities4
SOCI 4408Diversity in American Society4
SOCI 4961Urban Issues and Policies4
SPAN 3561Representing the Gypsy4

Gender and Sexuality courses (PJGS)

The following courses have the PJGS attribute.

Course Title Credits
AFAM 3030African American Women4
AFAM 3141Women and Social Change in Africa4
AFAM 3637Black Feminism: Theory and Expression4
AFAM 4105Queer Caribbean and Its Diasporas4
ANTH 2886Anthropology of Gender and Sexuality4
ANTH 3260Politics of Reproduction4
ANTH 3888Arab Women and Social Movements4
CEED 3856Introduction to Bioethics4
COLI 3803Empire and Sexuality4
COLI 4211Empire and Sexuality4
COMC 2277Media and Sexuality4
ENGL 3001Queer Theories4
ENGL 3002Queer Iconoclasts: Sexuality, Religion, Race4
ENGL 3067Contemporary Women Poets4
ENGL 3235Dangerous Women4
ENGL 3342Women, Crime, & Punishment in Literature4
ENGL 3361The Female Bildungsroman4
ENGL 3468Transatlantic Modern Women4
ENGL 3609Feminism and American Poetry4
ENGL 3619Crip, Queer and Critical Race Studies4
ENGL 3648Novels by Women4
ENGL 3664Queer Latinx Literature4
ENGL 3803Empire and Sexuality4
ENGL 3930Introduction to Queer Literature4
ENGL 4146The Body in Contemporary Women's Literature and Art4
ENGL 4211Empire and Sexuality4
HIST 3301Medieval Women's Lives4
HIST 3459Transgender History4
HIST 3826Modern US Women's History4
HIST 3838History of U.S. Sexuality4
HIST 4008Race and Gender in the Old West4
HUST 5215Accountability for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Humanitarian Settings3
LALS 4105Queer Caribbean and Its Diasporas4
PHIL 3904Feminist Philosophy4
POSC 3327Gender and Sexuality in US Politics4
SOCI 3260Politics of Reproduction4
SOCI 3401Gender, Crime, and Justice4
SOCI 3405Gender, Race, and Class4
SOCI 4400Gender, Bodies, and Sexuality4
THEO 3317Women of the Christian East3
THEO 3856Introduction to Bioethics4
THEO 4005Women and Theology4
WGSS 3000Gender and Sexuality Studies4
WGSS 3001Queer Theories4
WGSS 3002Feminist and Women's Studies4
WGSS 3067Contemporary Women Poets4
WGSS 3318Early Women Novelists4
WGSS 4400Gender, Bodies, and Sexuality4

Economic Justice courses (PJEC)

The following courses have the PJEC attribute.

Course Title Credits
BLBU 4437ST: International Bus Ethics3
CPBU 4001Fair Trade and Microfinance 13
CPBU 4003Spirituality and Fair Trade3
CPBU 4004Entrepreneurship and Fair Trade3
CPBU 4005ST:Fair Trade Entrepreneurship3
ECON 3235Economy of Latin America4
ECON 3240World Poverty4
ECON 3244International Economic Policy4
ECON 3570Labor Market and Diversity4
ECON 3580Economics of Diversity4
ECON 4005Fair Trade Entrepreneurship4
ECON 4020Disability: Economic and Other Approaches4
ECON 4025Bronx Urban Economic Development4
ENGL 3964Homelessness4
HIST 3946African Economies and Humanitarianism4
HUST 4100Refugee and Asylum Law4
HUST 4500Evolution of Development and Humanitarian Aid Systems4
LPBU 3446ST:Social Entrepreneurship3
LPBU 4001Fair Trade and Microfinance3
LPBU 4003Spirituality and Fair Trade3
LPBU 4004Entrepreneurship and Fair Trade3
LPBU 4005ST:Fair Trade Entrepreneurship3
MVST 4010Medieval Franciscans and the Dream of a Just Economy4
PHIL 3140Market Failures, Public Goods, and Justice4
PHIL 3702Rights, Justice, and Global Governance4
PHIL 4423Business Ethics4
POSC 3610Political Economy of Development4
POSC 3616Political Economy of Poverty4
POSC 3915International Political Economy4
POSC 4900Seminar: Democracy, Development, and the Global Economy4
SOCI 3002The New Power Elite4
SOCI 3044Poverty and Community Development4
SOCI 3148Population and Economic Development Issues4
SOCI 3601Urban Poverty4

Environmental Justice courses (PJEN)

The following courses have the PJEN attribute.

Course Title Credits
AFAM 3530Race, Climate Change, and Environmental Justice in the African Diaspora4
BISC 1002Ecology: A Human Approach3
COMC 4115Communication and the Food System4
COMC 4222Media and the Environment4
ECON 3430ST: Sustainable Business4
ECON 3850Environmental Economics4
ECON 4030Environmental-Economic Policy4
ENST 3000Environmental Research Methods4
ENST 3307Environmental Politics4
ENST 3308Catastrophe and Human Survival4
ENST 4900Environmental Internship4
FREN 3492Climate Change and Sustainable Development in the Francophone World4
INST 3100The Global Environment4
LPBU 3430ST: Sustainable Business3
MLAL 3492Climate Change and Sustainable Development in the Francophone World4
NSCI 1040People and the Living Environment3
NSCI 2010Global Ecology Lecture3
PHIL 3109Environmental Ethics4
PHIL 3712Global Environment and Justice4
PHIL 3722Native American Philosophy4
PHIL 3990Environmental Worldviews and Ethics4
PHIL 4302Environmental Policy and Ethics4
PHIL 4409Environmental Ethics4
PJST 3200Environmental Justice4
POSC 3131Politics, Urban Health, and Environment4
POSC 3307Environmental Politics4
POSC 3312Introduction to Environmental Politics4
SOCI 3142Environmental Sociology4
SOCI 3145Environment Technology Society4
SOCI 3456Modern Social Movements4
SOCI 4962Health/Inequality in the US4
THEO 4008Religion and Ecology4
THEO 4444Anthropocene: Sciences, Fictions, and Ethical Futures4

Criminal Justice Reform courses (PJCJ)

The following courses have the PJCJ attribute.

Course Title Credits
ENGL 4044Incarceration: History, Literature, Film4
JOUR 3731Criminal Justice Reporting4
POSC 3225Human Trafficking and the Law4
POSC 3231Judicial Politics4
POSC 3408The Civil Rights Movement and the Courts4
PSYC 4340Law and Psychology4
SOCI 3401Gender, Crime, and Justice4
SOCI 3713Criminology4
SOCI 3720Mass Incarceration4