Academic Advising

Academic advising is an essential part of the college experience. All students in the College are advised by faculty, a process that is coordinated by the Academic Advising Center. Regular advising includes discussion of interests and aspirations, career goals, academic progress and the planning of an academic program.

The College’s First-Year Experience (FYE) has as its primary goal to welcome students into the academic and intellectual community and provide a variety of opportunities to assist them to better know one another, to engage the faculty both in small seminar classes and in less formal settings beyond the classroom, to explore some of what New York City offers, and to reflect on their own goals. In essence, the aim is to begin to make the most of the students’ years at Fordham. First Year Eloquentia Perfecta seminars are designed to both introduce the student to one of the core areas of study in their Fordham curriculum and assist them in developing excellent skills in writing, speaking, and logical thinking. In these seminars, students are encouraged to work together on assignments in small groups, which include both commuter and residential students. Interaction continues beyond the classroom through experiences offered by faculty, the staff of the residence hall, and the assistant dean for the First Year Experience.

All first year students will have a faculty adviser, often the professor leading their Eloquentia Perfecta seminar, or another full-time faculty member. The adviser will meet with the individual students over the course of the year—not only as a counselor but as a member of the intellectual and creative community that is the college. The adviser will help their students to become a part of that community. Each student will meet for a one-on-one session with the adviser early in the term to assure a successful beginning at Fordham. Later in the semester they will meet again to discuss plans for the subsequent semester. In the second semester, the student and adviser will review the first semester experience and begin to focus on future academic goals.

After the first year, students declare a major and choose, or are assigned, an adviser in their major field. Students are encouraged to see their adviser regularly to discuss their academic and intellectual progress. During the regular advising and registration period, students discuss the selection of courses for the following semester with their adviser.

All students are invited to visit the Academic Advising Center with any questions they may have about their program and for assistance in selecting a major. They may also obtain information concerning the fulfillment of core, major, and graduation requirements.