Academic Progress

Academic Progress Policy

Academic progress toward a degree must be maintained for the continuation of study in Fordham College at Lincoln Center. Satisfactory academic progress, as defined by the college, must also be maintained to receive financial aid.

For graduation, the student must successfully fulfill the following requirements:

  • Completion of a minimum of 124 credits and 36 courses of three credits or more, with a minimum grade point average of 2.000
  • A residency of at least 64 credits (a minimum of 16 courses), exclusive of courses taken on a pass/fail basis
  • The Core Curriculum that provides students with a broad-based exposure to the liberal arts
  • Completion of a major with a minimum grade point average of 2.000
  • Completion of remaining elective credits which students may choose to use for a second major, a minor or a pre-professional program

Full-time students are expected to complete their coursework in four years. Students who need additional time to complete their degree due to special circumstances, such as illness, a change in major, etc., must complete their coursework in a period not to exceed six years.

Restrictions on the use of the grades W (Withdrawal), ABS (Absent from the Final Exam) and INC (Incomplete) are intended to preserve the character of a Fordham education. Permission to have such grades is the recognition by the University of a pressing need due to an individual’s circumstances. However, a pattern of reliance on these grades contravenes the intentions of an academic program. In addition, a pattern of reliance on grades of W, ABS, and INC will be taken as evidence of failing to maintain reasonable academic progress. Repeated courses will be calculated into a student’s GPA and will not replace the original grade, but only the repeated course will be counted toward graduation requirements. In addition, the satisfactory completion of fewer credits than stipulated may warrant dismissal for failure to maintain satisfactory progress toward the Fordham College at Lincoln Center bachelor’s degree.

Minimum Credit Completion Policy

Year or Classification Credits Attempted 1 Percentage Completed 1 Minimum Credits Completed 2
First or First Year up to 30 65% 18-20
Second or Sophomore 30-60 70% 42
Third or Junior 60-92 75% 69
Fourth or Senior greater than 92 80% 99-100

Transfer credits accepted by Fordham are counted in both credits attempted and credits completed, although the grades are not counted in the GPA.


For Fordham College at Lincoln Center students pursuing a degree on a part-time basis: Credits earned will be proportionate, for example, half-time students should complete half these credits.


Academic Status

Classification Academic Probation Subject to Dismissal
First Year 1.601-1.999 less than 1.601
Sophomore 1.801-1.999 less than 1.800
Junior and Senior less than 2.000 less than 2.000
Graduation 2.000

Please note: Academic status standards differ slightly for students receiving funds from the New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). A schedule is available at the Office of Academic Records.

Fordham College at Lincoln Center has established minimum standards of academic progress for each year of attendance. Failure to maintain these standards will result in being placed on academic probation and the student may be subject to suspension or dismissal. Students on academic probation may continue to study at Fordham and may be awarded financial aid in keeping with their status; students on probation must recognize the seriousness of their status. Students on academic probation are prohibited from participating in extracurricular activities or serving on the University’s residence hall staffs. Students on academic probation for two semesters may be subject to suspension or dismissal if they are judged not to be making satisfactory progress toward achieving good academic standing. Suspension is an enforced leave from formal studies for a minimum of two semesters. If after a period of suspension a student wishes to resume studies in the college, the student must formally apply for readmission to the College. In order to be readmitted, the student must show that the deficiencies that caused the suspension have been addressed and remedied. Students may be subject to dismissal if their GPA falls below those indicated. Once a student has been dismissed from the college for academic reasons, he or she may not take courses in the college.

Dismissal Appeal Policy

All academic progress decisions may be appealed, in writing, to the dean of the college. The appeal must be made within three business days of the notification of academic status. It should include documentation of any extenuating circumstances, such as a death in the immediate family or an illness. The dean will make a decision in consultation with appropriate colleagues, and that decision shall be final.