Concentration in Process and Quality Analytics

The secondary concentration in process and quality analytics prepares students to manage process-quality projects that improve cost, quality, and overall performance. Students will learn to solve problems using a systems-thinking approach, use data and analytics to experiment and create best practices, and identify ways to help organizations save money and increase efficiency. 

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Process and Quality Analytics is available to Gabelli School students as a secondary concentration only. 

To complete the secondary concentration in process and quality analytics, students must take the following three courses: 

Course Title Credits
OPBU/ACBU 3449ST: Process Mgt & Six Sigma3
Select one from the following: 3
ST: Business Dynamics
Project Management
Select one elective from the list below.3

Process and Quality Analytics Electives

The courses below may apply toward the elective requirement of this concentration. Courses which are double listed with two subject codes (e.g., INSY 3421 and ACBU 3421) may not be taken twice.

Courses in this group have the PRQU attribute.

Course Title Credits
ACBU 3421ST: Accounting Information Systems3
ACBU 3443Assurance and Auditing3
ACBU 4435ST: AIS Consulting Project3
ACBU 4444Sustainability Reporting and SASB Standards3
FNBU 4464ST: Compliance and Risk Management3
INSY 3421Accounting Information Systems3
INSY 4508Business Modeling With Spreadsheets3
INSY 4800Global Information Technology Strategy and Management3
LPBU 3233ST:Start-Up Venture Experience3
LPBU 3430ST: Sustainable Business3
LPBU 3446ST:Social Entrepreneurship3
MKBU 3441Marketing Research3
MKBU 3445ST: Marketing Analytics3
MKBU 4451ST: Data Driven Marketing Decisions3
OPBU 3442ST: Health Care Operations Mgt3
OPBU 3454ST: Sustainable Supply Chain3