General Registration Policy

Each semester, students are assigned a specific day or days for registration. Registration dates for each semester can be found on the enrollment services website. Students register based on the academic program they are pursuing and to which they have been admitted. They are responsible for consulting with their class dean to familiarize themselves with their program’s requirements and to make sure that their program is correctly listed in Degree Works, accessible through the student tab on portal. The Gabelli School of Business offers multiple special academic programs; most are open to all students, while others are by admission only. Students with an interest in or questions about any academic programs are encouraged to see their class deans or the individual program directors.

By the last date for course changes, students should recognize that they have made a serious commitment to complete the courses for which they have registered. Alterations in registration after that date are at the discretion of the dean’s office. Students should make sure they can complete any non-academic commitments they have—clubs, jobs, internships, and so on—without interfering with the coursework they committed to during registration. If students register late, they are held accountable for any absences they may incur as a result.

Please note that no Gabelli School student shall at the same time be matriculated in any other school or college, either at Fordham University or elsewhere, without the consent of the dean.

Full-Time Status

Students should maintain full-time status to participate in intercollegiate athletics, University housing, family medical-insurance plans, and, for international students, their student visa. Full-time status means that a student is enrolled in at least 12 credits each semester and completes at least 12 credits each semester. Students who fail to complete at least 12 credits per semester may find themselves ineligible for intercollegiate athletics, University housing, financial aid, scholarships, the outside medical insurance plans under which they are covered through their families, and/or their student visa. Students who anticipate one or more semesters in which they do not maintain full-time status should speak with their class dean and their families as soon as possible to better understand any potential consequences.

To meet the 120-credit and 40-course requirements for on-time graduation, Gabelli School students in the four-year program should register for five courses each semester (plus one Integrated Project per year), with 1.5-credit courses counted as half courses. Any deviation from this five-course format requires a class dean’s approval and may require taking summer classes or delaying graduation.

Program Approval

During the second semester of sophomore year (or, in some circumstances, the first semester of junior year), Gabelli School students must declare their specific program of study: a major and, if needed or desired, one or more concentrations or minors. They declare this program through their class dean, whose offices are on the fourth floor of Hughes Hall. Once the program of study has been recorded, students are responsible to ensure that it is listed correctly in Degree Works and They must inform their class dean immediately if there are any errors.

Program Changes

Students who are contemplating a change in their program of study should seek advice from their class dean immediately. The class dean helps students to take next steps with the academic area chair, and ultimately gives approval for the change.

Students who are considering changing their academic program should do so as early as possible. Changes often involve considerable adjustments and become increasingly costly in time and credits if delayed beyond the first semester of junior year.

In considering program changes, please note that:

  1. courses cannot be added to a program after the first week of class in any given semester without permission; and
  2. if any course is dropped without written permission from the class dean, it will result in a failure.

Changes of Name or Address

In the case of a change of name or address, students are expected to immediately notify, in writing, the dean’s office and the office of enrollment services. Students also must follow any procedures required by enrollment services.