Academic Advising

Each student is different. Some know their major and career paths from the moment they arrive at Fordham. Others have no idea where to start. Still others think they know when they're first years, but arrive at completely different decisions after a few semesters. The Gabelli School's academic advisers are adept at coaching students in each of these situations and more.

The entire specialized academic advising staff—first year, sophomore, junior, and senior class deans; the dean of international programs; the transfer dean; the evening program director; and the dean of honors opportunities—helps each student to plan an academic program and learn how to make wise decisions regarding academics, careers, and life in general.

Advisers provide help in identifying goals, choosing courses, investigating majors and concentrations, experimenting with electives, securing internships, and building the portfolio of skills needed to succeed in any given area of business. For more details and contact information for each adviser, visit the Undergraduate Advising web pages.

Academic Advising for Student-Athletes

The primary mission of the Office of Academic Advising for Student-Athletes is to provide Fordham University’s more than 500 NCAA student-athletes with the resources and direction needed to achieve their scholastic potential and to prepare them for postgraduate scholastic, athletic, and career opportunities. The office brings a breadth and depth of experience in athletics and higher education to their many responsibilities. These responsibilities include general academic counseling, eligibility monitoring, assistance in maintaining satisfactory progress toward degrees, and course scheduling. Mid- and post-semester grade reviews are conducted every semester.

The office has six full-time administrators, all of whom are dedicated to working with and for Fordham’s student-athletes.