Ignite Scholars Program Business Core

Students in the Gabelli School of Business' Ignite Scholars Program are required to complete 13 business core courses 3 plus four integrated project (IP) courses in their business core curriculum, as follows. They also complete additional program-specific coursework.

Course Title Credits
CBBU 1001The Ground Floor: Starting and Succeeding at the Gabelli School of Business 13
ACBU 2222Principles of Financial Accounting3
ACBU 2223Principles of Managerial Accounting3
BLBU 2234Legal Framework of Business3
SABU 2142Statistical Decision-Making3
OPBU 3438Operations and Production Management3
BLBU 3443Ethics in Business3
FNBU 3221Financial Management3
MKBU 3225Marketing Principles3
LPBU 3223Principles of Management3
HPCB 4441Honors Strategy3
INSY 2299Information Systems: GSB Integrated Core Only 21.5
INSY 2301Information Systems: GSB Integrated Core Only 21.5
CMBU 2664Business Communications: GSB Integrated Core Only 21.5
CMBU 2666Business Communications: GSB Integrated Core Only 21.5
Integrated Projects 3
CBBU 1003ST: Career Exploration IP 11
CBBU 1002ST: Consulting Challenge IP1
CBBU 1004ST: Analytics IP1
CBBU 1006ST: Leadership IP1
Ignite Program-Specific Courses
HPCB 4800Ignite Scholars Readings 43
Capstone Project 5
HPCB 4802Ignite Capstone Project I1.5
HPCB 4803Ignite Capstone Project II 63
HPCB 4804Ignite Capstone Project III1.5

Students take a special section of this course designated for Ignite Scholars.


Certain 3-credit business core courses are split into two 1.5-credit courses; in such cases, those two courses do not count separately, but rather count together as one course.


Integrated Projects (IPs) are semester-long projects that use knowledge from the business core and apply it to real-world circumstances. Students complete one IP per year during their four-year program. All four projects must be completed in order to graduate.


This course may double-count as a liberal arts elective. Students who join the Ignite Scholars Program after their first year fulfill this requirement with HPCB 4801 Ignite Scholars Readings -SO.


Credits earned as part of the capstone project may count towards liberal arts or free electives for Global Business majors.


This course may double-count as an elective toward the student's major.