Concentration in Digital Media and Technology (Media Track)

The digital media and technology concentration (media track) can be pursued as a primary concentration by Gabelli students completing the global business major at Lincoln Center.

Note: Information about the major and minor in digital technologies and emerging media available to students at Fordham College (FCRH, FCLC, and PCS) is listed separately.

Primary Concentration

To complete a primary concentration in digital media and technology (media track), Lincoln Center students must take the following courses:

Course Title Credits
Required Courses
CMBU 4412ST: Understanding Audiences/Users3
CMBU 4413Digital Media & Promo Comm3
CMBU 4453Social Media3
CMBU 4471ST: Business of New Media3
INSY 4505E-Commerce3
Choose one of the following elective options:
Two communication and media management electives 1
One communication and media management elective and one information systems elective 1,2

Courses from the subject code CMBU numbered 2667-4999 (of at least 3 credits) may fulfill this requirement.

A maximum of one of the following courses may also fulfill this requirement:


Courses from the subject code INSY numbered 2302-4999 (of at least 3 credits) may fulfill this requirement.