African Studies

The purpose of this interdisciplinary minor is to provide unique opportunities for Fordham students to develop a level of expertise in African political and social history, literature, sociology, economics, among others; learn African languages; meet with Africa permanent representatives at the U.N.; and interact with and network among the diverse African population present in the city.

This interdisciplinary minor provides a background for careers in government, business, law, foreign service, academia, and other areas. The minor also complements majors in many departments and professional schools throughout the university, such as Economics, Political Science, International Humanitarian Affairs, and Business. It is recommended to students wishing to gain an international perspective before entering the global marketplace.

For more information

Visit the African studies program page.

Courses in Other Areas

The following courses offered outside the department have the AFST attribute and count toward the African Studies minor:

Course Title Credits
AFAM 3070African Politics4
AFAM 3071African Intellectual History4
AFAM 3072Civil Wars in Africa4
AFAM 3075Democracy in Africa4
AFAM 3140Contemporary Africa4
AFAM 3141Women and Social Change in Africa4
AFAM 3146African Immigrants in the United States3
AFAM 3148History of South Africa4
AFAM 3188Exploring Africa: Encounter, Expedition, and Representation4
AFAM 3190Mapping Southern Africa4
AFAM 3688African Literature I4
AFAM 3689African Literature II4
AFAM 3693Contemporary African Literatures4
AFAM 3695Major Debates in African Studies4
AFAM 4192Race and Religion in the Transatlantic World4
COLI 3689African Literature II4
DANC 2430West African Dance2
HIST 3946African Economies and Humanitarianism4
HIST 4111Modern African Stories4
HIST 4310Africa, Race, and the Global Cold War4
HIST 4922“Freedom Now”: Black Political Thought4
MEST 2000Introduction to the Modern Middle East4
POSC 3418Islamic Political Thought4
POSC 3520Mideast and the World4
POSC 3522United Nations4