Student Records

Change of Name and/or Address

Correspondence from the University (including but not limited to communication by the Office of Human Resources, Office of Enrollment Services, and other non-GSAS University offices) is sent to the individual student’s mailing address on file in the Fordham University Enrollment Group. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the University of any change of address. Likewise, it is the student’s responsibility to notify the University of any change in the student’s name.

To notify the University of a change of name or address, the student must update her/his information via the University portal. There, the student will also be prompted to complete a Personal Data Change form, which must then be submitted to the Office of Human Resources before the change can take effect.

Transcripts of Records

Transcripts fall under the auspices of the University Registrar and the Office of Enrollment Services, and may be requested from enrollment services either through the University website, in person, or by mail. GSAS advises students to request transcripts well in advance of the date required. Fordham University will not assume responsibility for transcripts that are delayed as a result of the student not requesting them in time. Any questions concerning the issuance of transcripts must be addressed to enrollment services, within six months of the original request.

An official transcript is one bearing the University’s seal. Official transcripts of academic records are not given directly to students or graduates; they are mailed to the college, professional or graduate school, government agency, or business concern as designated by the student.

An unofficial transcript can be given to the person whose credits are listed thereon and marked “Unofficial.” The University accepts