Appendix F: Dissertation Style Requirements

To ensure consistency of GSAS dissertations, students must prepare their dissertations to conform to the guidelines outlined below.

F.1- Style Manual

As required by the department guidelines.

F.2- Format

Element Requirements
PAPER GSAS no longer requires the dissertation to be submitted in hard copy. The dissertation should be submitted through the UMI ETD Administrator website.
TITLE See sample in APPENDIX G.1 (note the required double spacing).
ABSTRACT See sample in APPENDIX G.2. Note: It is recommended that the abstract not exceed 350 words. The abstract should be listed in the table of contents without a page number.
VITA See sample in APPENDIX G.3. Note: The vita cannot exceed one page and should be listed in the table of contents without a page number.
MARGINS All margins should be 1 inch, with no printing in the margins.
PAGINATION Use lower case roman numerals in the center bottom of the pages after the title page and before chapter one. Number the first page of any chapter in the center of the page, one double-space below the last line of the text, approximately 5/8 to ¾ inch above the bottom. All other numbers are placed one double-space above the first line of printing and just inside the right margin, that is, approximately 5/8 to ¾ inch from the top and 1 inch from the right edge.
FONT The pitch of the font should be at least 10, with a pitch of 12 preferred. If proportional spacing is used, the average number of characters per inch (cpi) should not exceed 15. No pencil marks are allowed. If special symbols are required, the symbols within a word processing package should be used.
NOTES Only footnotes may be used (and no endnotes).

F.3- Arrangement of Dissertation Materials

            I.          Title Page

            II.         Dedication or Acknowledgments (if used)

            III.       Table of Contents

            IV.       Preface (if used)

            V.        Introduction

            VI.       Chapters

            VII.      Conclusion

            VIII.    Bibliography

            IX.       Appendices

            X.        Abstract (no pagination)

            XI.       Vita (no pagination)