Time Limit for Degree

The school expects that M.B.A. and M.S. degree requirements will be completed within six years of a student’s matriculation. This time period includes any leaves of absence. The school also expects that students will be current in the content of the M.B.A. and M.S. degree program at the time the degree is awarded. For this reason, in exceptional cases when students are permitted to exceed the six-year time period, additional coursework may be necessary, and previously completed coursework may not be considered.

Students who withdraw from the University or lapse in their studies beyond the six-year time period and wish to return to their studies must reapply for admission in keeping with the withdrawal policy outlined in the academic bulletin. Coursework completed during the student's original program of study may not be transferred to their new program of study upon return.

Ph.D. students must complete the requirements for their degree, including dissertation work, in a timely and expeditious manner. Ph.D. students have a time limit of 10 years to complete their degree upon first matriculation, in line with other Fordham University doctoral programs. The 10-year time limit also applies to students entering the program immediately after receiving a master’s degree from Fordham. Time limits on the completion of degrees are rigorously enforced.