Maintenance of Matriculation

All students must register each term to be in continuous attendance at the graduate school. Students in good standing who are unable to register for classes in a specific term, regardless of the reason, must register to maintain matriculation status for that term. Students must notify their academic adviser of their intent to maintain matriculation prior to the last day of add/drop for a given semester. There is a fee of $40 for maintaining matriculation.

Students are permitted to maintain matriculation for a maximum of six terms, as long as all degree requirements are completed within six calendar years of matriculation (first term of entry). Any student who does not register either for regularly scheduled classes or for maintaining matriculation will be withdrawn from the program. An exception to this policy is made for joint-degree students when they are registered for classes at their other program (i.e., JD/M.B.A.).

Maintaining Status for International Students

International students must be enrolled in at least 9 credits per semester to be considered full-time students and maintain their visa status.

International students who wish to take fewer than 9 credits (full-time enrollment) in a given semester, may do so only during a recognized "vacation term," after completing at least 2 full-time semesters, or during their final semester if they have fewer than 9 credits remaining to complete to meet graduation requirements. 

Following a "vacation term," international students must either be enrolled full-time or completing their final semester. Students are eligible for one "vacation term" for every two semesters of full-time enrollment. Students will need to be registered for maintenance of matriculation during a "vacation term" only if they are not enrolled in any classes (0 credits of enrollment). Students should consult with their academic adviser for additional guidance. 

Non-Medical/Personal Leave of Absence

A Leave of Absence (non-medical) from Fordham temporarily pauses your enrollment as a student for non-medical reasons. You remain a Fordham student who is not enrolled for the semesters of leave; you must also be enrolled in maintaining matriculation for each semester of your leave of absence. For a non-medical leave of absence, returning to class requires advance notification to your academic adviser of your intentions to coordinate your semester of return. You would then discuss your course registration plans with your academic adviser. 

You may request that a non-medical leave of absence begin only prior to or following an academic semester. A non-medical leave of absence may not begin during a semester.

If you are interested in pursuing one of these options, please contact your academic adviser to discuss your situation.

The University Withdrawal and Leave of Absence (Non-Medical) Application is available for download.

Medical Leave of Absence

Fordham University is concerned about its students' health and well-being, and is interested in students receiving appropriate physical or mental health care when necessary. A student experiencing physical or psychological conditions that significantly impair his/her ability to function successfully or safely as a student may decide that a period of time away from Fordham University for treatment or recovery is warranted.

This time away from the University may help to restore functioning to a level that will enable the student to return and perform successfully in the classroom and within the campus community.

For more information regarding the Medical Leave of Absence process and policy, please refer to the University guidelines available on this linked page, and be sure to consult with your academic adviser.