Attribute Code Index

This page is a list of all Gabelli Graduate course attributes and their use.

Attribute code Description
ABBC Blockchain M.B.A. concentration
ABDP DPS Program Elective (GB)
ABEB Electronic Business M.B.A. concentration
ABEP Entrepreneurship M.B.A. concentration
ABFF Fintech M.B.A. concentration Finance requirement
ABFI Fintech M.B.A. concentration Information Systems requirement
ABFO Fintech M.B.A. concentration additional requirement
ABGS Global Sustainability M.B.A. concentration
ABHM Healthcare Management M.B.A. concentration
BPD1 Business PhD: Core Course
BPD2 Business PhD: Seminar Course
BPD3 Business PhD: Elective Course
ISEA INSY-GB: Enterprise Architecture track
ABIB International Business M.B.A. concentration
ASDM Applied Statistics and Decision Making M.S. electives
BUAN Business Analytics M.S. - Electives
BUAI Business Analytics M.S. - AI and Deep Learning Track
BUBA Business Analytics M.S. - Business Analytics Track
BUDS Business Analytics M.S. - Programming for Analytics and Data Science Track
BUSA Business Analytics M.S. - Statistical Analytics for Business Track
CME Cybersecurity for Managers Adv Cert: Electives
GB01 Business Analytics for Managers Adv Cert: Core
GB02 Business Analytics for Managers Adv Cert: Electives
GLFI Global Finance
GFCF Finance M.S. - Corporate Finance Track
GFFA Finance M.S. - Financial Analytics Track
GFIM Finance M.S. - Investment Management Track
ISEL Information Technology M.S. - Electives
ISBA Information Technology M.S. - Business Analytics Track
ISCY Information Technology M.S. - Cybersecurity Track
ISDT Information Technology M.S - Digital Transformation Track
ISEC Information Technology M.S. - Enterprise Computing Track
LSE Leading Sustainable Business Adv Cert: Electives
MEMG Media Management M.S. electives
MOE GBA Mgmt Online Elective