Whether you’re working at a law or financial firm, advertising or insurance agency, hospital, pharmaceutical company, or other type of organization, strategy and statistics are key to an organization’s overall performance. Strategy creates a vision and emphasizes resources needed for firms to develop a competitive advantage. Statistics provides the data and tools executives need to make decisions. Together, these disciplines work continuously to support the firm’s long-term sustainability and growth.

At the Gabelli School, students can specialize in either field, preparing for careers as consultants, analysts, general managers, statisticians, strategy staff, and advisors.

The application of statistical analysis is showcased through the MS in Applied Statistics and Decision-Making program, through which students gain skills in statistical theory, methods, and computation.

For students interested specifically in managing goals and making recommendations in healthcare, there are dedicated options at all levels: undergraduate students can complete a secondary concentration in the business of healthcare; graduate students can choose a secondary concentration in healthcare. Additionally, the area prepares students in the interdisciplinary MS in Health Administration.