Community Engaged Learning (SERV)

SERV 0099. Community-Engaged Learning. (1 Credit)

Through the Community-Engaged Learning Interdisciplinary Seminar offered each semester, students independently make the connection between a course they are enrolled in and service to the community. By completing 30 hours of service, attending a series of interdisciplinary seminars, and writing integrative essays, students deepen course concepts connecting to societal issues through ongoing dialogue and reflection. After successful completion of all requirements, students may earn 1 additional credit for the course with which they are connecting the community-engagement experience. To participate in this interdisciplinary seminar, students must: 1. Pre-register for SERVĀ 0099 and choose the section for their home campus. 2. Choose which course and service agency with which they would like to partner (Center for Community-Engaged Learning staff can assist with placement at an agency). 3. See the seminar instructor for required agreement forms and additional seminar parameters.

Attribute: SL.

SERV 1000. Community Health Program in Cali, Colombia. (1 Credit)

The Fordham College at Rose Hill Spring Break Community Health Program in Cali, Columbia is a service abroad program designed for students in the services with an interest in health issues in developing countries; the government, societal, and environmental, cultural factors that influence healthcare; and international health issues and programs. Students should expect to learn about overcoming challenges in healthcare from the context of a developing country.