International Business Bridge (IBGB)

IBGB 6001. Applied Finance. (3 Credits)

IBGB 6002. Financial Statement Analysis. (3 Credits)

IBGB 6003. Read & Write for Business I. (3 Credits)

Read & Write for Business I.

Attribute: ESL.

IBGB 6004. Pres & Public Speaking. (3 Credits)

IBGB 6005. Comm: Speaking & Listening. (3 Credits)

Comm: Speaking & Listening.

Attribute: ESL.

IBGB 6006. Excel Applications and Modeling. (3 Credits)


Attribute: ESL.

IBGB 6007. Applied Economics & Analysis. (3 Credits)

IBGB 6008. Marketing Analytics. (3 Credits)

IBGB 6009. Read & Write for Business II. (3 Credits)

IBGB 6010. History of American Business. (3 Credits)

This course will focus on the interrelationships between the business community and the development of the United States of America. The course is divided into three sections that will cover such topics as the colonization of America by the Europeans, industrialization in the United States and the civil war and creating an environment of business regulation.

IBGB 6011. Business Ethics. (3 Credits)

The goal of this course is to help students create a strong base for making sound moral judgments as they evaluate their own values and make managerial decisions; to help them argue ethically in business environments and contribute to group decisions; and to help them understand and evaluate opinions of those from different cultural traditions or ideological backgrounds as they differentiate between what is right and what is politic.

IBGB 6012. American Business Landscape. (3 Credits)

The business landscape in America can be vastly different than your home country. This course will give you a foundation for how various industries operate, what the different business customs are, and how culture plays a large role in business. This will help prepare student for their time spent in New York. The course covers the topics below. A segment of each topic is assigned to groups within the class to prepare a presentation to their classmates. Finance Industry Marketing Industry Accounting Industry Entertainment Industry Government Regulatory Agencies Stock Market Business Etiquette Sports Industry Doing Business Abroad Social Media Education.