Global Immersion (Gabelli) (GLGB)

GLGB 7410. Global Immersion: UK. (3 Credits)

This intensive 3-credit course is designed to provide students with important historical insights into Brexit as well as its impact on Fintech, financial services and entrepreneurial Finance as well as the overall British Economy.

GLGB 7411. Global Immersion Malaysia. (1.5 to 3 Credits)

Global Immersion Malaysia is a course for international finance students that will focus on “Investment Opportunities in Malaysia.” Every student will have to complete a research project working in conjunction with students from University of Tuanku Abdul Rahman (UTAR). There will be four two-hour lectures before the trip (history, macroeconomics, industrial structure, case studies) in April. They will prepare students for the four on-site visits (accounting firm, bank, port, and wholesale/retail business unit) and four lectures by the UTAR professors, covering the Malaysian economic outlook, development of banking and finance in Malaysia, the role of Malaysia in global supply chain, and e-commerce in Malaysia. There will also be a one-day visit to the historic site of Melaka. The 10-day trip will take place after the final exam period of the Spring semester.

GLGB 7510. Global Immersion Poland. (3 Credits)

Media and technology industries in Poland and Central Europe are the focus of this study tour course in Krakow, Poland, for graduate business students.

GLGB 7511. Global Immersion Galway. (3 Credits)

This course provides students the opportunity to travel to Galway, Ireland, and participate in a week-long study program that will focus on global business from an Irish perspective. The objectives of the course include understanding the business environment in Ireland; understanding the role of multinational versus start-up organizations within Ireland; and identifying benefits to investing in Ireland.

Attribute: ABIB.

GLGB 7512. Global Industry Project: Ireland. (3 Credits)

This course provides graduate students in the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University with international project experience with a real client. It provides students with a sense of the business environment in Ireland as they learn about global business from an Irish perspective. Students will learn how to manage a project virtually, with a particular focus on a globally distributed team. We will travel to Ireland for one week, and students will finish their projects with their Irish client virtually during the two months following the trip. They will present their recommendations via a webinar at the end of the semester, gaining global communication and global business experience.

GLGB 7710. Global Immersion: UK. (3 Credits)

This intensive course examines Brexit and its impact on Britain's influencer status in consumer markets. We will explore the implications of Brexit for Cool Britannia, which fueled pride in the contemporary culture of the United Kingdom and helped propel iconic brands like Burberry and Paddington Bear to the forefront of contemporary culture in Britain and around the world. We will also discuss the current struggle of iconic British retailers and the meaning of that struggle for the future of British retailing. By the end of this course, students will not only have gained historical, political, and social insight into Brexit and its impact but also the impact of socio-political phenomena on marketing strategy more generally.

GLGB 7711. Global Immersion Antwerp. (1.5 Credits)

This elective course aims to introduce students to current marketing and business practices in Europe. With in-class lectures, company visits, and cultural tours, different business related topics will be covered with an emphasis on the regulatory environment of the European Union. Students will learn about similarities and differences between U.S. and European business practices.

GLGB 7712. Global Immersion: London. (3 Credits)

This elective course aims to introduce students to current business practices in London and the UK. With in-class lectures, company visits and cultural tours, a range of topics related to various business fields will be covered with an emphasis on the differences between the U.S. and the U.K. and the implications of such differences for global business in the post-Brexit and post-pandemic era.

GLGB 7713. Global Immersion: Madrid. (3 Credits)

This elective course aims to introduce students to business transformation in the fast-changing and evolving European Union (EU) context. Students will have an opportunity to have an immersive experience in Madrid, one of the most dynamic and cosmopolitan cities in Europe. With in-class lectures, company visits, and cultural tours, a range of topics will be covered—with an emphasis on the technological and structural transformation in business practice in the EU as a result of the sociocultural, economic, and geopolitical changes.

GLGB 7910. Global Immersion: Germany. (3 Credits)

This Global Immersion to Germany will allow student to learn about the business environment in Germany and the European Union.