Entertainment Law (ETGL)

ETGL 0336. Entertainment Law. (2 Credits)

This course examines the legal issues and business practices relating to the entertainment industry, with areas of focus including the following business segments: talent representation (talent agencies, personal managers, attorneys); recorded music; music publishing; motion pictures; and television and other video programming services (terrestrial, cable, satellite, and IP-based distribution). The class studies relevant case law and statutes to identify and discuss the significant legal principles. In addition, the class reviews and analyzes certain representative agreements to present a practical perspective of entertainment law.

Attributes: IPIE, LAWT.

ETGL 0381. Law and Professional Sports. (2 Credits)

Law and Professional Sports provides students with a broad overview about how professional sports leagues are regulated both internally and externally. Substantive topics covered in this course include antitrust law, contract law, labor law and intellectual property. In addition, this course will discuss the following topics: the law and economics of professional sports leagues; the role of the league commissioner; different league structures; salary caps and luxury taxes; rules for agent certification; state law publicity rights; state law due process rights; and ownership of sports statistics. There will be a scheduled final for this course.

Attribute: LLM.