Concentration in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship: Not just a field, but a mindset.

The Gabelli School of Business prepares its students to tackle real business problems with an arsenal of knowledge, skills, and experiences. The Entrepreneurship program within the Gabelli School of Business turns students into change agents and disruptors to seize countless opportunities in front of them. We do this by re-calibrating how students think about money, failure, what a career is, what kind of lifestyle they want, and what kind of impact they want to have in the world.

Entrepreneurship is not easy. It is not for the faint of heart. But it IS a door to opportunity for students who are intrigued by the path less traveled. For students who value freedom and independence and creativity. For students who don’t like being pigeon-holed in the typical career path. For students looking for an exciting, non-traditional lifestyle.

The Entrepreneurship concentration was developed to deliver a forward-thinking, skills-based curriculum driven by experiential learning to change the way students think. Regardless of one’s career trajectory (the startup world, corporate America, nonprofits, etc.), students learn how to embrace failure, how to vet opportunities, how to pitch ideas, how to be innovators, and how to confidently change the world for the better.

Students at the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses can earn a concentration in Entrepreneurship as either a primary concentration (four courses) or a secondary concentration (three courses). 

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Entrepreneurship is available to Gabelli School students as either a primary or secondary concentration. 

Primary Concentration

Course Title Credits
LPBU 3226Exploring Entrepreneurship (open to students pursuing any major)3
LPBU 3227Innovation and Resilience3
LPBU 3233ST:Start-Up Venture Experience3
or LPBU 4006 ST: Launch Your Startup
One Entrepreneurship elective3

Secondary Concentration 

Course Title Credits
LPBU 3226Exploring Entrepreneurship (open to students pursuing any major)3
LPBU 3233ST:Start-Up Venture Experience3
or LPBU 4006 ST: Launch Your Startup
One additional Entrepreneurship elective

Entrepreneurship electives

Courses in this group have the ENT attribute.

Course Title Credits
ACBU 3445Corporate and Partnership Taxation3
BLBU 3445ST: Contemporary Legal Issues Business Organizations3
BLBU 4430The Law of Innovation3
CMBU 4411ST: Comm for Entrepreneurs3
CMBU 4420ST: Entrep Comm & Neg3
CMBU 4453Social Media3
CMBU 4471ST: Business of New Media3
CMBU 4474ST: Exploration of Business Through Media3
CPBU 4001Fair Trade & Microfinance I3
CPBU 4003Spirituality & Fair Trade3
CPBU 4004Entrepreneurship & Fair Trade3
CPBU 4005ST:Fair Trade Entrepreneurship3
ECON 3430ST: Sustainable Business4
FNBU 3450ST: Fintech - An Introduction3
FNBU 4440ST: Investment Banking3
FNBU 4448ST: Private Equity3
FNBU 4449ST: Small Business Finance3
FNBU 4456Special Topic: Venture Capital3
FNBU 4469Impact Investing3
INSY 3433Programming with Java3
INSY 3436ST: Programming with Python3
INSY 3438ST: Cybersecurity in Bus3
INSY 3442Web Apps Design and Development3
INSY 3450ST: Fintech - An Introduction3
INSY 4412ST: IT and Sustainability3
INSY 4431Web Analytics3
INSY 4432Mobile Commerce & Apps3
INSY 4434ST: Data Mining for Business3
INSY 4505E-Commerce3
INSY 4506Business Analytics3
LPBU 3226Exploring Entrepreneurship3
LPBU 3227Innovation and Resilience3
LPBU 3233ST:Start-Up Venture Experience3
LPBU 3234ST: Leading for Impact3
LPBU 3235ST:Inside Tech Ventures3
LPBU 3236Personal Development: The Start–Up Called You3
LPBU 3430ST: Sustainable Business3
LPBU 3446ST:Social Entrepreneurship3
LPBU 3451ST: Business Trends & Disruption3
LPBU 3454ST: Design Thinking3
LPBU 4001Fair Trade and Microfinance3
LPBU 4004Entrepreneurship and Fair Trade3
LPBU 4005ST:Fair Trade Entrepreneurship3
LPBU 4006ST: Launch Your Startup3
LPBU 4467ST: Global Immersion: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Rwanda3
MKBU 3439ST: Branding3
MKBU 3445ST: Marketing Analytics3
MKBU 3448ST: Social Marketing3
MKBU 3454ST: Design Thinking3
SABU 3453ST: Sustainability and Strategy3