Transfer Credit

Up to 75 credits may be accepted in transfer from other accredited institutions or institutions with which there is an affiliation agreement. The nature and level of each course will be considered, provided it was completed with a grade of at least C or the equivalent. The final determination on transfer credits is at the discretion of the advising dean.

Of the total transfer credits accepted, up to 26 may be applied to the requirements of the Core Curriculum. To preserve the character of the Fordham degree, transfer students will ordinarily be expected to complete at Fordham at least one course in literature, philosophy, theology, and history, with the guidance of their academic advisor.

Up to half of the requirements of the student’s intended major may be satisfied by transfer credits, subject to review by the academic department in which the student later officially declares his or her choice of major.

Other credits accepted in transfer will be counted as electives, as well as those which, in the judgment of the student’s major department, should not be counted toward major requirements in that field.

While a preliminary estimate of transfer credits can be made during the admissions process based on unofficial transcripts and student records, the actual award of transfer credit can be made only on the basis of an official transcript provided directly to Fordham University from the institution at which the course was completed, or in a sealed envelope delivered by the student.

Courses and credits accepted in transfer are counted toward the 124 credits required for the bachelor’s degree and, where appropriate, satisfy the prerequisites listed for advanced courses as if they were taken at Fordham. The grades received in the transferred courses are not, however, calculated as part of the student’s cumulative quality point index at Fordham.

Once enrolled in Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies, permission to take courses elsewhere for transfer purposes will be granted only in exceptional circumstances and only for courses at other universities or four-year colleges.