International Studies

International studies is carefully designed to prepare students to live, work, prosper—and become good global citizens—in today’s rapidly changing world. It features an interdisciplinary and intercultural curriculum with both classroom learning and real-world experience in the form of internships and study abroad.

International studies offers both rigor and choice. Students complete a specific core of foundational international courses in politics, law, economics, history, and culture. They also choose one of three tracks of specialized study.

The International Expertise Track trains students to analyze international affairs from a global perspective. The Regional Expertise Track develops competency in a region of the world of the student’s own choosing. Students may also apply to enter a Specialist Expertise Track, designed to address important issues, or specific cross-national, cross-cultural, or cross-regional comparisons. This track is selective and requires approval by the director. Each track has a specific language component. Each track has the same goal: to enable students to master the political, economic, environmental, historic, cultural, and sociological dynamics that drive modern life.

International studies prepares students for graduate study and for careers. It is well-crafted for students to move on into international business, law, diplomacy, academia, education, government, international organizations, nongovernmental organizations, public interest advocacy groups, journalism, mass media, and public service.

It also prepares students for a life well-lived. The program follows the Jesuit tradition of cosmopolitan education, respect for other cultures, the dignity of each unique person, and the development of the student as a whole person. Its guiding spirit is Fordham’s own mission: to use education and research to “assist in the alleviation of poverty, the promotion of justice, the protection of human rights, and respect for the environment” and to “foster in all its students life-long habits of careful observation, critical thinking, creativity, moral reflection, and articulate expression.” The international studies program encourages students to use these gifts in the service of the world.

Program Activities

International studies encourages and features experience-based learning. Therefore it strongly supports and helps students participate in both study abroad and internships. The program also organizes lectures, conferences, study tours abroad, and other educational events and experiential learning.

For more information

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International studies offers INST 2500 Introduction to International Studies and INST 3859 Post-1945: A Global History which fulfill the Global Studies core requirement, and INST 4620 The World of Democracy, which fulfills the EP4/Senior Values requirement.

Our Courses

INST 1800. Internship. (0.5 Credits)


INST 1999. Tutorial. (1 Credit)

Independent study.

INST 2500. Introduction to International Studies. (4 Credits)

This course uses an interdisciplinary perspective to explore the issues and questions that define the modern world and contemporary life. It asks: What political, economic, historic, cultural, environmental, and social dynamics and problems shape our world at the global, national, and local level? The goal is to prepare students for the international studies major by teaching them to think, read, research, and write analytically and critically, so they may face the challenges of today’s world. Note: Four-credit courses that meet for 150 minutes per week require three additional hours of class preparation per week on the part of the student in lieu of an additional hour of formal instruction.

Attribute: GLBL.

INST 2800. Internship. (2 Credits)


INST 2999. Tutorial. (2 Credits)

Independent study.

INST 3000. International Internship. (4 Credits)

Through this course, students intern in internationally oriented organizations and businesses in the New York metropolitan area for approximately 112 hours during the semester. The instructor works with students to find a placement that meets their interests and needs. Students discuss and analyze their internship experience. They also analyze and discuss international affairs in relation to their internships. Students majoring in international studies may use this course to fulfill one of their track/concentration requirements for the major. However, the content of the chosen internship must align with their track. For example, Amnesty International for the international/global concentration; the European-American Business Organization for the Europe concentration; etc. Note: Four-credit courses that meet for 150 minutes per week require three additional hours of class preparation per week on the part of the student in lieu of an additional hour of formal instruction.


INST 3100. The Global Environment. (4 Credits)

The course surveys the impact of globalization on the environment since the end of World War II, and analyzes the outlook for the future. It draws on the social sciences and humanities to study how the internationalization of culture, economics, and politics have transformed the natural and human-made environment the world over. Note: Four-credit courses that meet for 150 minutes per week require three additional hours of class preparation per week on the part of the student in lieu of an additional hour of formal instruction.


INST 3859. Post-1945: A Global History. (4 Credits)

Students study the dramatic post-World War II transformation of the world, including the role played by economic revival, technological change, institutional innovation, and increasing interconnection between regions. They analyze why it is increasingly important to think globally, even when studying “local” issues, problems, or actions. The course especially brings into focus the fabric of the post-World War II world in order to better analyze contemporary affairs. Four-credit courses that meet for 150 minutes per week require three additional hours of class preparation per week on the part of the student in lieu of an additional hour of formal instruction.


INST 3999. Tutorial. (3 Credits)

Independent study.

INST 4000. International Studies Senior Thesis Seminar. (4 Credits)

This is a capstone seminar in which students conceptualize, plan, research, and write their senior thesis under the guidance of the thesis course instructor and their faculty thesis adviser. Note: Four-credit courses that meet for 150 minutes per week require three additional hours of class preparation per week on the part of the student in lieu of an additional hour of formal instruction.

INST 4620. The World of Democracy. (4 Credits)

This course studies democracies across the globe, analyzing the meaning of democracy in different theories and cultures. It then compares the political systems of different nations, asking how democratic they are. It concludes by assessing the state of democracy in the world today. Note: This course is identical to POSC 4620. Four-credit courses that meet for 150 minutes per week require three additional hours of class preparation per week on the part of the student in lieu of an additional hour of formal instruction.


INST 4800. Internship. (4 Credits)


INST 4999. Tutorial. (4 Credits)

In consultation with the director of the program, students may take an appropriate tutorial in their area of interest.

Courses in Other Areas

The following courses offered outside the department have the INST attribute and count toward the International Studies major and minor:

Course Title Credits
AAST 3359Asian Diasporic Literatures4
AAST 4603Asian American Critique4
AFAM 1600Understanding Historical Change: Africa3
AFAM 3036Global Black Youth Cultures4
AFAM 3037Being and Becoming Black in the Atlantic World4
AFAM 3072Civil Wars in Africa4
AFAM 3075Democracy in Africa4
AFAM 3140Contemporary Africa4
AFAM 3141Women and Social Change in Africa4
AFAM 3142Women, Power, and Leadership in Africa4
AFAM 3146African Immigrants in the United States3
AFAM 3148History of South Africa4
AFAM 3150Caribbean Peoples and Culture4
AFAM 3210On the Move: Migration, Labor, and Trans-Nationalism in the African Diaspora4
AFAM 3667Caribbean Literature4
AFAM 3692Social Construction of Women4
AFAM 3693Contemporary African Literatures4
AFAM 3939History of Global Popular Music: From Africa to the Americas and Back4
AFAM 3955Slavery Freedom/Atlantic World4
AFAM 4147Food and Globalization4
AFAM 4192Race and Religion in the Transatlantic World4
AMCS 3256Comparative Economic Systems4
AMCS 3535Building the Ideal City: Ethics and Economics Foundations of Realizable Utopias4
ANTH 1050Anthropology Focus3
ANTH 1100Introduction to Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH 2447Passages: Life Cycles4
ANTH 2500Taboo: Anthropology of the Forbidden4
ANTH 2614Urbanism and Change in the Middle East4
ANTH 2619Magic, Science, and Religion4
ANTH 2620The Anthropology of Cities4
ANTH 2700You Are What You Eat: The Anthropology of Food4
ANTH 2770Anthropology of Childhood4
ANTH 2800The Anthropology of Food: Community Engaged Learning4
ANTH 2880Human Sexuality in Cross-Cultural Perspective4
ANTH 2886Anthropology of Gender and Sexuality4
ANTH 2888Gender and Islam4
ANTH 2895Anthropology of Capitalism4
ANTH 3154Sports: An Anthropological Perspective4
ANTH 3260Politics of Reproduction4
ANTH 3340Anthropological Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity4
ANTH 3343Ghettos and Gated Communities4
ANTH 3351Comparative Cultures4
ANTH 3354Race, Identity, and Globalization4
ANTH 3355Culture and Anticolonialism4
ANTH 3356Uprisings: Protest and Resistance Across the Globe4
ANTH 3357Globalization and Migration4
ANTH 3380Hazards, Disasters, and Human Experience4
ANTH 3385Post-Apocalyptic Societies4
ANTH 3470People and Cultures of Latin America4
ANTH 3476Latin American Social Movements4
ANTH 3605Mothering and Motherhood4
ANTH 3650Africa in the World4
ANTH 3710Bilingualism: Local Practices and Global Perspectives4
ANTH 3725Culture and Culture Change4
ANTH 3726Language, Gender, and Sexuality4
ANTH 3888Arab Women and Social Movements4
ANTH 4006Palestinian Culture at Home and in Diaspora4
ANTH 4114Anthropology of Health Healing and Social Justice4
ANTH 4344Reproductive Technologies: Global Perspective4
ANTH 4373Environment and Human Survival4
ANTH 4490Anthropology of Political Violence4
ANTH 4600Global South Megacities4
ARAB 3000Topics in Arabic Cultures4
ARAB 3010Human Rights in Arabic Literature4
ARAB 3040Topics in Arabic Literature4
ARHI 1100Art History Introduction: World Art3
ARHI 1101Introduction to Art History: Europe3
ARHI 1102Introduction to Art History: Asia3
ARHI 1103Introduction to Art History: Americas3
ARHI 2221Japanese Visual Culture: Prehistory to Present4
ARHI 2257Modern Latin American Art4
ARHI 255020th Century Art4
ARHI 2552Modern Asian Art4
ARHI 3480Art and Architecture in London4
BISC 1002Ecology: A Human Approach3
BISC 2561Ecology3
BISC 3000Environmental Science3
COLI 3137World Cinema Masterpieces4
COLI 3143World Cinema Masterpieces 1960-19804
COLI 3359Asian Diasporic Literatures4
COLI 3365Novels of Ideas: High Modernism4
COLI 3400Modern Jewish Writing4
COLI 3440Arabic Literature in English Translation4
COLI 3450The City in Literature and Art4
COLI 3466Discovering French Cinema4
COLI 3476Conflict and Violence in Francophone African Cinemas4
COLI 3535Building the Ideal City: Ethics and Economics Foundations of Realizable Utopias4
COLI 3624Music and Nation in the Arab World4
COLI 3652Contemporary French Philosophy4
COLI 3802Literature and Imperialism4
COLI 3803Empire and Sexuality4
COLI 3840Latin American Culture Through Film4
COLI 4018Cuba: Revolution, Literature and Film4
COLI 4020Literature, Film and Development4
COLI 4055Race and Ethnicity in Antiquity and Today4
COLI 4206Comparative Studies in Revolution4
COLI 4211Empire and Sexuality4
COLI 4320Reading the Indian Ocean World4
COLI 4603Asian American Critique4
COMC 2278Media, Culture, and Globalization4
COMC 3268Media and National Identity4
COMC 3380International Communication4
ECON 3100History of Economic Thought4
ECON 3210Development Economics4
ECON 3212Open Economy Macroeconomics4
ECON 3235Economy of Latin America4
ECON 3240World Poverty4
ECON 3242Global Economic Issues4
ECON 3244International Economic Policy4
ECON 3248Migration and Development: A Social Justice Perspective4
ECON 3256Comparative Economic Systems4
ECON 3340Economics of International Business4
ECON 3346International Trade4
ECON 3347International Finance4
ECON 3850Environmental Economics4
ECON 4020Disability: Economic and Other Approaches4
ECON 4035Ecology and Economics of Food Systems4
ECON 5260Epidemics and Development Policy3
ECON 5510International Economic Policy3
ECON 5570Global Financial Markets3
ECON 6470Growth and Development3
ECON 6490Foreign Aid and Development3
ECON 6560International Finance3
ENGL 3036Latin American Short Story4
ENGL 3059Creating Dangerously: Writing Across Conflict Zones4
ENGL 3137World Cinema Masterpieces4
ENGL 3359Asian Diasporic Literatures4
ENGL 3365Novels of Ideas: High Modernism4
ENGL 3450The City in Literature and Art4
ENGL 3468Transatlantic Modern Women4
ENGL 3542Modern Irish Literature4
ENGL 3701American Writers in Paris4
ENGL 3802Literature and Imperialism4
ENGL 3803Empire and Sexuality4
ENGL 4015London Modernisms: 1890-1956: Unreal City4
ENGL 4123Seminar: Paris Modernism4
ENGL 4137Hysteria, Sexuality, and the Unconscious4
ENGL 4147Food and Globalization4
ENGL 4149Modern Drama as Moral Crucible4
ENGL 4185Caribbean Islands and Oceans4
ENGL 4206Comparative Studies in Revolution4
ENGL 4211Empire and Sexuality4
ENGL 4603Asian American Critique4
ENST 1000Introduction to Environmental Studies3
ENST 3307Environmental Politics4
ENST 3308Catastrophe and Human Survival4
ENVS 3000Environmental Science3
FITV 3551Film History 1950-Present4
FITV 3558Italian Film4
FITV 3585Transnational Asian Media4
FITV 3587United Kingdom and Irish Film4
FITV 3588Global Cinema4
FNBU 4450Global Investments3
FNBU 4461ST: Finance and Business in a Post-Crisis World3
FNBU 4473ST: Study Tour of Turkey3
FREN 2600France: Literature, History, and Civilization4
FREN 3006French International Affairs4
FREN 3070France Votes!4
FREN 3130Culture and Science in France4
FREN 3292French Revolutions (1789-present)4
FREN 3450Writers and Lawbreakers4
FREN 3453The Flaneur in Paris4
FREN 3466Discovering French Cinema4
FREN 3471Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa4
FREN 3475Narratives of the Sahel4
FREN 3494Africa: Education, Youth, and Society4
FREN 3550In Search of Lost Time: Modernity, Temporality, and the Self in 20th Century French Literature4
FREN 3600France Today4
FREN 3612Cinemas of Quebec4
FREN 3637Francophone Middle East4
HIST 1000Understanding Historical Change: Modern Europe3
HIST 1400Understanding Historical Change: Latin America3
HIST 1450Understanding Historical Change: South Asian History3
HIST 1500Introduction to Asian History3
HIST 1550Understanding Historical Change: Modern East Asia3
HIST 1600Understanding Historical Change: Africa3
HIST 1650Understanding Historical Change: The Black Atlantic3
HIST 1700Understanding Historical Change: Mideast3
HIST 1750Understanding Historical Change: Islamic History and Culture3
HIST 1851Understanding Historical Change: Jews in the Modern World3
HIST 1925Understanding Historical Change: Science and Technology3
HIST 3073African Intellectual History4
HIST 3192The United States, Africa, and the Cold War4
HIST 3416European Women: 1800-Present4
HIST 345520th Century Ireland4
HIST 3457Britain: 1867-Present4
HIST 3458Ireland: 1688-19234
HIST 3459Transgender History4
HIST 3474The Arab Israeli Conflict: Cultural Perspectives4
HIST 3503Modern France: 1900 to Present4
HIST 3515Media History: 1400 to Present4
HIST 3538The Good Earth?4
HIST 3541Modern Italy4
HIST 3543The Connecting Sea: The Mediterranean Since 18004
HIST 3545Race and Nation in Modern Europe4
HIST 3549Global Italy4
HIST 3555Hitler's Germany4
HIST 3558Europe: 1900-1945: Total War4
HIST 3559Europe Since 19454
HIST 3566War and Imperialism4
HIST 3570Genocide4
HIST 3580War, Gender, and Violence in Modern Europe4
HIST 3614Revolutionary and Soviet Russia4
HIST 362020th Century Europe4
HIST 3624European Cities4
HIST 3627History of LGBT Movements4
HIST 3633The Cold War Space Race4
HIST 3634Modern South Asian History4
HIST 3635Science in Popular Culture4
HIST 3636Social History of Technology4
HIST 3670The Modern Middle East4
HIST 3675History of Modern Israel4
HIST 3695Major Debates in African Studies4
HIST 3815East European Jewish History4
HIST 3842The Vietnam Wars4
HIST 3845The History of U.S. Foreign Relations, 1898 to the Present4
HIST 3846The History of U.S. Foreign Relations, 1974 to Present4
HIST 3858The Global Cold War4
HIST 3880History of the Cold War4
HIST 3911U.S. and East Asia4
HIST 3915Contemporary China4
HIST 3918Cultural Revolution: China in Context4
HIST 3919Christianity in China4
HIST 3920Modern Japan4
HIST 3922East Asian Cities4
HIST 3924East Asian Capitalisms4
HIST 3925The Holocaust4
HIST 3931Colonialism and South Asia4
HIST 3939History of Global Popular Music: From Africa to the Americas and Back4
HIST 3944Africa in the Age of Decolonization4
HIST 3946African Economies and Humanitarianism4
HIST 3950Latino History4
HIST 3955Slavery Freedom/Atlantic World4
HIST 3961Rebellion and Revolution in Latin America and the Atlantic World4
HIST 3968Mexico4
HIST 3969Latin America and the U.S.4
HIST 3972Revolution in Central America4
HIST 3975The Caribbean4
HIST 3977Latin American History Through Film4
HIST 3983Apocalypticism and Messianism in Islamic Thought and History4
HIST 3986Religion and Politics in Islamic History4
HIST 3992Capitalism4
HIST 3994Climate and Society4
HIST 4048Israel: History, Society, Politics and Culture4
HIST 4104Food and Drink in Modern Society4
HIST 4111Modern African Stories4
HIST 4115Communication and Media in History: From Gutenberg to Google4
HIST 4120Imagining Empire4
HIST 4137Hysteria, Sexuality, and the Unconscious4
HIST 4295Confucianism in Three Keys: The History, Philosophy, and Politics of Confucianism4
HIST 4308Antisemitism4
HIST 4310Africa, Race, and the Global Cold War4
HIST 4312Antisemitism and Racism4
HIST 4331US in the Middle East: 1945-Present4
HIST 4363SEM: Europe and the Early Modern World4
HIST 4510Conquest, Conversion, Conscience4
HIST 4631Seminar: US in the Mid East: 1945-Pres4
HIST 4671Seminar: Technology and Society4
HIST 4742Seminar: Italy Through Foreign Eyes4
HIST 4757Seminar: The Third Reich4
HIST 4758Seminar: Europe: Prosperity to Crisis4
HIST 4858Seminar: Modern European City4
HIST 4905Seminar: History of Food4
HIST 4910Seminar: Genocide4
HIST 4922“Freedom Now”: Black Political Thought4
HIST 4933Seminar: Cold War Science and Technology4
HIST 5650Approaches to Global, Transnational, & Intellectual Histories4
HPLC 2610Globalization: Seminar3
HUST 4001The Humanitarian System: Past, Present, and Future4
HUST 4200Forced Migration and Humanitarian Action4
HUST 4500Evolution of Development and Humanitarian Aid Systems4
HUST 4501Humanitarianism and Global Health: Unequal Access for the Displaced and Marginalized4
HUST 4800International Humanitarian Internship4
ITAL 2561Reading Culture Through Literature4
ITAL 2700Filming the City Inside and Out: A Cinematic Journey Through Italy4
ITAL 2705The Souths of Italy: Words, Images, and Sounds4
ITAL 3030Criminal Tales4
ITAL 3111New Italian Cinema4
ITAL 3452Italophone Migrant Literature From Africa and Beyond4
ITAL 3650Italy at War4
ITAL 3701Italian Women Writers4
ITAL 3910Italy Today4
JPAN 2500Japanese Culture and Society4
LALS 1400Understanding Historical Change: Latin America3
LALS 3344Crime, Literature, and Latinos4
LALS 3407Foreignness & Translation: Multilingual Autobio Writing in Contemp Latin-Am & Latino Lit4
LALS 3427Hispanics/Latinos in the USA4
LALS 3600Latin America: Current Trends4
LALS 3840Latin America Through Film4
LALS 3950Latino History4
LALS 3955Slavery Freedom/Atlantic World4
LALS 3968Mexico4
LALS 3972Revolution in Central America4
LALS 3977Latin American History Through Film4
LALS 4100Speaking For/As the Other4
LALS 4510Conquest, Conversion, Conscience4
LING 3025Language Endangerment4
LPBU 4476ST: Cross Cultural Negotiation3
MAND 3002Topics in Chinese Culture4
MAND 3020Learn Chinese Through Film4
MAND 3025Reading Chinese Short Stories4
MAND 3035Confucius and the Analects4
MAND 3040Topics in Mandarin Chinese Literature4
MAND 3050China in the Headlines: An Advanced Newspaper Reading Course in Mandarin Chinese4
MAND 3055China and Globalization4
MEST 2000Introduction to the Modern Middle East4
MEST 3324Israel in Fiction and Film4
MEST 3500Modern Egypt4
MEST 3502Palestine-Israel Conflict4
MEST 3701Urban Theatre Dance and Music4
MEST 4001Seminar: Middle East4
MEST 4331U.S. in the Middle East: 1945-Present4
MEST 4701Urban Theatre, Music, Dance: Culture and the Formation of the Middle East Identities4
MLAL 3031Chinese Cultural Concepts4
MLAL 3033Prison Literature from Martin Luther to Martin Luther King4
MLAL 3043Aesthetics and Politics: Modern Chinese Literature4
MLAL 3045Women in Chinese Literature and Society4
MLAL 3047Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism: Chinese Thought and Literature4
MLAL 3048Political Thought in Modern Asia4
MLAL 3049Modern Chinese Political Thought4
MLAL 3060Magic and Reality in Russian Literature4
MLAL 3070Russian Visions: The Interplay Between Russian Literature and Art in Mid-19th/Early 20th Century4
MLAL 3075Gender and China4
MLAL 3085The Russian Icon in Literature, Theology, Avant Garde Art, Film, Music, Museums and Politics4
MLAL 3307Germany and Migration4
MLAL 3325 ‘The Gatekeepers?’ Documentary Cinema in Israel4
MLAL 3350Promised Land: Israeli Culture Between Utopia and Dystopia4
MLAL 3402Introduction to Russian Drama4
MLAL 3405Masterpieces of Russian Film4
MLAL 3410Arab Cinema: History and Cultural Identity4
MLAL 3440Arabic Literature in English Translation4
MLAL 3442Arabic Culture and the News Media4
MLAL 3450The Arab Spring in Arabic Literature4
MLAL 3474The Arab Israeli Conflict: Cultural Perspectives4
MLAL 3475Oppositional Thought in Islamic Literature4
MLAL 3500Writing Under German Censorship: A Culture of Banned Books4
MLAL 3504Study Tour: Berlin Tales: Germany's Kiez4
MLAL 3535Building the Ideal City: Ethics and Economics Foundations of Realizable Utopias4
MLAL 3600Women's Voices in German and Austrian Literature4
MLAL 3607Topics in Multilingualism4
MLAL 3624Music and Nation in the Arab World4
MLAL 3701Villains, Vamps and Vampires: An Introduction to German Cinema4
MLAL 3710Fin-De Siecle Vienna: Klimt, Cafes, and Cemeteries4
MLAL 4016Rewriting the Mediterranean (20th and 21st Centuries)4
MVST 3535Building the Ideal City: Ethics and Economics Foundations of Realizable Utopias4
NSCI 1040People and the Living Environment3
NSCI 2010Global Ecology Lecture3
ORGL 2800U.N. and Political Leadership4
PHIL 3652Contemporary French Philosophy4
PHIL 3653Latin American Philosophy4
PHIL 3670Existentialism4
PHIL 3711Humanitarianism and Philosophy4
PHIL 3712Global Environment and Justice4
PHIL 3713Human Rights and Global Justice4
PHIL 3759Buddhist Philosophy4
PHIL 3770Daoist and Zen Philosophy4
PHIL 3990Environmental Worldviews and Ethics4
PHIL 4409Environmental Ethics4
PHIL 4425Buddhist Moral Thought4
PHIL 4473War and Peace: Just War Theory4
PJST 3110Introduction to Peace and Justice4
PJST 3200Environmental Justice4
PJST 4200Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking4
POSC 2501Introduction to International Politics4
POSC 2610Introduction to Comparative Politics4
POSC 3307Environmental Politics4
POSC 3312Introduction to Environmental Politics4
POSC 3418Islamic Political Thought4
POSC 3422Politics of the Present4
POSC 3424Political Philosophy between Islam and the West4
POSC 3427Islam, Art, and Resistance4
POSC 3429Democratic Theory4
POSC 3507International Human Rights4
POSC 3511War and Peace4
POSC 3516Conflict Analysis/Resolution4
POSC 3520Mideast and the World4
POSC 3521Global Governance4
POSC 3522United Nations4
POSC 3526Democracy, Terrorism, and Modern Life4
POSC 3527United Nations Peace Operations4
POSC 3530U.S. Foreign Policy4
POSC 3531US Security Policy4
POSC 3532The Development of Human Rights Law4
POSC 3540Politics of Cyberspace4
POSC 3605Comparative Democracy4
POSC 3610Political Economy of Development4
POSC 3613Political Movements4
POSC 3614Political Institutions4
POSC 3616Political Economy of Poverty4
POSC 3620British Government and Politics4
POSC 3621European Politics4
POSC 3622Politics of the European Union4
POSC 3624The Qu'ran and Hadith in the Global Political Perspective4
POSC 3631China and Russia in Comparative Perspective4
POSC 3632China and U.S. in Global Era4
POSC 3633China and US-Global Era/Study Tour4
POSC 3634The Great Law of China4
POSC 3635China, Japan, Korea, and the U.S. in the Global Era4
POSC 3636China and the Global Economy4
POSC 3641Latin American Politics4
POSC 3645Politics of Immigration4
POSC 3651Comparative Politics of the Middle East4
POSC 3652State-Society Relations in the Middle East4
POSC 3653Religion and Society in the Middle East4
POSC 3915International Political Economy4
POSC 4002Seminar: Global Migration4
POSC 4020Place, Space, and Immigrant Cities4
POSC 4022Seminar: China in Global Affairs4
POSC 4025Youth and Politics4
POSC 4037Social Movements and Revolutions4
POSC 4040Seminar: Sustainable Development4
POSC 4400Seminar: Global Justice4
POSC 4515Seminar: International Politics of Peace4
POSC 4526Seminar: The Politics of Humanitarian Intervention4
POSC 4535Seminar: Post-Cold War Human Rights and Protection Architecture4
POSC 4545Seminar: Russian Politics and Society4
POSC 4620Seminar: The World of Democracy4
POSC 4900Seminar: Democracy, Development, and the Global Economy4
POSC 5500Comparative Pol Analysis3
POSC 5560Conflict Resolution3
POSC 5600Analysis of Int'l Pol3
SOCI 2505Religion and Social Change4
SOCI 3017Inequality in America4
SOCI 3046International Sociology4
SOCI 3102Contemporary Social Issues and Policies4
SOCI 3110Global Conflict: Wars/Religion4
SOCI 3114Sociology of Health and Illness4
SOCI 3148Population and Economic Development Issues4
SOCI 3260Politics of Reproduction4
SOCI 3410Migration/Globalization4
SOCI 3415Development and Globalization4
SOCI 3418Contemporary Immigration in Global Perspective4
SOCI 3427Hispanics/Latinos in the USA4
SOCI 3450Transnational Social Movements4
SOCI 3470Global Refugee Migration4
SOCI 3714Terrorism and Society4
SOCI 4020Place, Space, and Immigrant Cities4
SOCI 4105Religion, Gender, and Sexuality4
SOCI 4990Conflict Resolution and Justice Creation4
SPAN 3001Spain: Literature and Culture Survey4
SPAN 3066Survey of Latin American Film4
SPAN 3072Geographies of Power/Injustice4
SPAN 3275Hybrid Futures: A Panorama of Mexican Short Fiction4
SPAN 3300Modern Latin American Visual Culture4
SPAN 3301Federico Garcia Lorca and His World4
SPAN 3305Posthuman Mestizaje and the Non-Human Turn in Mexican Culture4
SPAN 3310Latin American Science Fiction4
SPAN 3407Foreignness & Translation: Multilingual Autobio Writing in Contemp Latin-Am & Latino Lit (1980-2015)4
SPAN 3535Unus Mundus: Deconstructing 'Time' Through Spanish Literature4
SPAN 3540Spain and Islam4
SPAN 3561Representing the Gypsy4
SPAN 3625Spanish-American Short Fiction4
SPAN 3642Spanish-American Literature and Popular Music4
SPAN 3701Spanish-American Women Writers4
SPAN 3710Contemporary Latin American Fiction4
SPAN 3712Literatures of the Latin American Boom and Post-Boom4
SPAN 3715Latin American Cyberliterature4
SPAN 3730Writing Violence: Peru, 1980-20004
SPAN 3770Cultures of Memory and Post-Memory in Contemporary Chile4
SPAN 3800The Spanish Diaspora4
SPAN 3809Argentine Literature and Film4
SPAN 3820Hispanic Caribbean Literature4
SPAN 3850Narrating the City4
SPAN 3950The Fantastic in Spanish Literature and Film4
SPAN 4018Cuba: Revolution, Literature and Film4
SPAN 4511Spanish Civil War4
THEA 4050Arts, Social Justice, and Human Rights: Foundations4
THEO 3383Latin American Liberation Theologies3
THEO 3390Church in Controversy3
THEO 3610Christ in World Cultures3
THEO 3711Sacred Texts of the Middle East3
THEO 3713Classic Jewish Texts3
THEO 3715Classic Islamic Texts3
THEO 3720Hindu Literature and Ethics3
THEO 3724Classic Buddhist Texts3
THEO 3728Buddhist Meditation3
THEO 3731Japanese Religions: Texts and Arts3
THEO 3733Chinese Religions3
THEO 3822The Bible in Cultural Conflict4
THEO 3883Medicine and Healing in Islam4
THEO 4026Theologies of Peace4
THEO 4110Muslim, Jewish, and Christian Feminist Theologies: Discourses of Difference4
THEO 4351Modern Christian Thought & Practice4
THEO 4620Oscar Romero: Faith and Politics in El Salvador4
THEO 4851Death of Religion?4
URST 5020Urban Political Processes3
URST 5040Urbanism3
VART 1101Urbanism3
VART 3135Modernism and Its Aftermath4
WGSS 3000Gender and Sexuality Studies4
WGSS 3001Queer Theories4
WGSS 3004Transnational Feminisms4
WGSS 3141Women in Africa4
WGSS 3416European Women 1800-Present4
WGSS 3459Transgender History4