Fashion Studies (FASH)

FASH 1000. Fashion Essentials. (1.5 Credits)

Fashion Essentials is designed to teach fashion studies minors essential skills that are required to enter the fashion industry. Students will learn the ins and outs of the fashion calendar and production cycle, industry-specific vocabulary, how to recognize and care for a variety of textiles, how to conduct credible fashion research, and the basics of digital photography and social platforms.

FASH 1500. Fashion Topics. (1.5 Credits)

This course is an opportunity for fashion studies minors to stay up to date on what is going on in the ever-changing world of fashion. Each semester features a new, pertinent topic. Topics may include tracing the history of a current trend, investigating the effects of a recent event on the industry, or predicting the impact of new technologies on production and/or consumption. Students will learn how to perform reliable short-term research, synthesize information in real time, and use the breadth of their Fordham education to contribute original perspectives. Fashion Topics prepares students to operate in an industry that always changes in the city that never sleeps.

FASH 1800. Internship. (1 Credit)

FASH 3800. Fashion Studies Internship. (3 Credits)

This internship is an elective course offered to students currently enrolled in the fashion studies minor. Students participate in an unpaid, three-credit fashion internship for 15 to 20 hours per week for the duration of the semester. Coursework includes regular meetings with the fashion studies adviser, weekly journal entries, a resume review, and a final paper.

FASH 3999. Fashion Studies Tutorial. (3 Credits)

Students minoring in fashion studies who wish to pursue independent study may apply to participate in this course. Students will work with the fashion studies adviser to design a course including objectives, course requirements, and a bibliography.

FASH 4000. Fashion in Museums. (4 Credits)

Explore the history, logistics, and purpose of clothing and accessories in museum collections. Visit fashion exhibitions at art, design, cultural, history, and fashion museums throughout the city. Learn about how museums collect, conserve, and display fashion in order to educate their audiences about a wide variety of topics. Note: Four-credit courses that meet for 150 minutes per week require three additional hours of class preparation per week on the part of the student in lieu of an additional hour of formal instruction.

FASH 4800. Internship. (4 Credits)

FASH 4999. Tutorial. (4 Credits)