Business Administration

Entrepreneurs pursue innovative ideas through unbridled commitment. Accountants keep businesses honest. Marketing executives craft campaigns that excite consumers. What do these disparate careers have in common? A rock-solid educational foundation: a degree in business administration.

Whether pursuing the major or a minor, studying business administration allows for a breadth of knowledge across multiple disciplines from finance and information systems to psychology and economics.  

How courses are counted

Students must note the following policy for how courses are counted. A student may count a maximum of one class in fulfilling more than one purpose—that is, toward any combination of major, minor, and primary or secondary concentration. For example, only one economics class could count toward both a finance major and an economics minor; any additional economics class would count toward the finance major OR the economics minor, but not both. Similarly, one management class could count toward both a primary concentration in management and a minor in sustainable business, but any subsequent management class would not count toward both. Any exceptions to these rules will be posted within the specific area major, minor, or concentration requirements.