Real Estate Management (Adv Cert)

The Advanced Certificate in Real Estate Management provides the practical, real-world knowledge and professional skills needed to plan, manage, and optimize commercial real estate properties and corporate workspace for real estate owners, businesses, and third-party management firms. This graduate-level certificate focuses on management proposals and plans, market analysis, leases, operating and capital budgets, financial management, building systems and operations, health and safety issues, insurance considerations, local laws and codes, and tenant and capital improvement projects. This advanced certificate is a 12-credit program, with students completing a 9-credit core curriculum and then 3 credits of elective coursework.

Admission to the Advanced Certificate in Real Estate Management is selective. Requirements include superior performance in attaining a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution and 1-2 years of related professional experience. Undergraduate backgrounds in business, economics, accounting, finance, architecture, engineering, mathematics, science, management, and/or the liberal arts are appropriate with the requisite work experience for admission.

Successful candidates must demonstrate strong writing skills with the ability to effectively communicate concepts and ideas subtly and succinctly. Basic verbal, quantitative, and communications skills will be assessed prior to matriculation, and any deficiencies corrected prior to beginning the program’s core courses. A GMAT/GRE is not required but may be submitted by students for consideration towards admissions. A resume and personal statement are also required.

The 9-credit core curriculum is designed to provide students with an in-depth mastery of the applied functional areas necessary to every real estate management professional’s success. The core leaves students with essential analysis, critical thinking, and decision-making skills while creating a common student experience that fosters teamwork and community. These essential, core academic disciplines include real estate financial analysis; debt and equity finance; market analysis; lease analysis; project and property management; building systems, operations, and maintenance; and risk management. 

The 3-credit elective curriculum provides students the opportunity to focus on sectors of the real estate management industry that are consistent with their career pursuits. These areas include real estate accounting, law, financial modeling, sustainability, leadership, and construction project management.

Students are permitted to apply 6 credits earned towards this advanced certificate to the Master of Science in Real Estate program or the Master of Science in Construction Management.

Course Title Credits
Required Courses
REAL 5002Real Estate Finance3
REAL 6009Commercial Leasing1.5
REAL 6011Building Systems, Operations, and Maintenance1.5
REAL 6013Real Estate Management3
Complete 3 elective credits from the list below.
Total Credits12

Real Estate Management Electives

Courses in this group have the REAM attribute.

Course Title Credits
REAL 5004Real Estate Accounting and Tax3
REAL 5006Real Estate Legal Concepts and Contracts3
REAL 5008Real Estate Economics and Market Analysis3
REAL 5014Negotiation 1.5
REAL 5051Advanced Construction Contracts, Claims, and Dispute Resolution3
REAL 5052Construction Financial Management1.5
REAL 5054Construction Cost Estimating and Bidding Strategies1.5
REAL 5056Construction Scheduling and Impact Analysis1.5
REAL 5058Pre-Construction Project Planning and Development3
REAL 5060Construction Project Delivery3
REAL 5106Real Estate Asset Management3
REAL 6001Real Estate Financial Modeling1.5
REAL 6004Adaptive Reuse and Sustainability1.5
REAL 6006Development Project Leadership, Management and Communications1.5
REAL 6008Affordable Housing1.5
REAL 6021Special Topics in Construction1.5
REAL 6022Special Topics in Real Estate1.5
REAL 6051Advanced Construction Methods and Materials3