School Psychology Bilingual Extension (Adv Cert)

15 credits

NYSED 40394/40395

This program is a bilingual extension for certified school psychologists.

Applicants seeking admission to the Bilingual Extension program for Certified School Psychologists have to fulfill the following prerequisites for the program:

  • one of the following:
    • proof of New York state certification as a school psychologist (provisional or permanent);
    • proof of National Certification–School Psychology (NCSP);
    • proof of certification as a school psychologist, having earned certification from a NASP-approved or APA-university-accredited program;
    • proof of language competence (evidence of passing score on the NYS BEA)
  • GPA of 3.2 or better in graduate studies leading to certification
  • proof of completion of the Child Abuse Prevention/Reporting Workshop and the Violence Prevention Workshop (these workshops can be taken at Fordham concurrently with other coursework)
  • competency in both English and a second language through:
    1. a license as a bilingual teacher; or
    2. a successful rating on a test of dual language proficiency (for example, New York state Education Department Language Proficiency Examination)

Program of Study

Course Title Credits
CTGE 5841Principles of Bilingual Education3
or CTGE 5842 Second Language Acquisition and Assessment
PSGE 6401Seminar in the Psychology of Bilingual Students3
PSGE 6603Multicultural Issues in Professional Psychology3
or PSGE 6446 Consultation With Families in a Diverse Society
PSGE 7418Non-Biased Assessment and Decision-Making3
or PSGE 7424 Advanced Assessment Seminar: Bilingual Assessment
One of the following fieldwork courses:3
Clinical Practicum in Bilingual School Psychology 1
Consultation Practicum in Bilingual School Psychology 2
Advanced Intervention Seminar: Bilingual Intervention (Intervention project required)
Total Credits15