Policies and Procedures

All students accepted into a program of study in the Graduate School of Education are assigned a faculty adviser. The adviser provides information and counsel on matters related to programs and Graduate School of Education policies and procedures. Students, however, are responsible for being cognizant of and meeting all requirements, including appropriate deadlines and administrative procedures, for the completion of their degrees.

All academic programs are designed in keeping the standards articulated in the Conceptual Framework of the Graduate School of Education and are aligned with professional and state standards.

Bulletin Information

While every effort has been made to provide accurate and current information, the Graduate School of Education reserves the right to withdraw or modify, without notice, any policies, procedures, fees, programs of study, academic calendar, courses, faculty, or other items listed in this bulletin, or to make any other changes it considers necessary or desirable. Statements made in this bulletin are for informational purposes only. Students are responsible for learning and following all program-related criteria, including deadlines and graduation requirements and procedures. For additional information, write or call the Office of the Dean or the chairperson of the division in which the program of interest is offered.