Mental Health Counseling (M.S.E.)

60 credits

NYSED 31303

The M.S.E. program in mental health counseling is designed to prepare mental health counselors who will work in mental health clinics, community mental health centers, hospitals, nonprofit counseling agencies, college and university counseling centers, and corporate mental health services (e.g., employee assistance programs, personnel departments, mental health support units) and are eligible to open independent private practices after licensure. This rigorous, applied training program includes 60 course credits (in semester hours) plus a minimum 600-hour mental health counseling internship. The program has a practitioner-scientist orientation and includes a strong multicultural and social justice counseling emphasis.

The program can be completed full time in two years (with summers) or part time in three years (with summers). Graduates of the program are eligible to sit for the National Clinical Mental Health Counselor Licensure exam after the completion of 3,000 hours of supervised post-degree mental health counseling practice.

The M.S.E. in Mental Health Counseling is accredited by the Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC) for the period of January, 2015 through January, 2025.

Applicants seeking admission to the M.S.E. program in mental health counseling must meet the general requirements for admission to graduate study in the Graduate School of Education and these program-specific admission criteria:

  • possess a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university
  • show evidence of professional promise (personal, interpersonal, and intellectual characteristics appropriate to the profession and the ability to communicate effectively); evidence should be contained in the student’s application for admission, or may be sought in an interview with a member of the program faculty, if deemed appropriate
  • have earned a minimum graduate and undergraduate grade point average of approximately 3.0 (B or better)
  • provide two reference reports
  • demonstrate proof of immunization against measles, mumps, meningitis, and rubella

Program of Study

The 60-credit program includes a 600-hour, on-site, supervised internship completed during the fall (PSGE 6651) and spring (PSGE 6653) semesters.

The curriculum includes the following courses:

Course Title Credits
PSGE 5621
PSGE 5623
Foundation of Professional Counseling and Consultation
and Clinical Instr Couns Process 1
PSGE 6602Human Development 23
PSGE 6607Assessment in Counseling 33
PSGE 6630
PSGE 6632
Group Counseling
and Pre-Practicum in Groups 4
PSGE 5631
PSGE 5633
Couns Theory & Practice
and Pre-Practicum in Applications of Counseling Theory to Practice 5
PSGE 6640
PSGE 6642
Career Counseling
and Practicum in Career Counseling 6
PSGE 6645General Psychopathology3
PSGE 6650
PSGE 6651
Ethics and Professional Issues in Counseling
and Field Experience I in Mental Health Counseling (Requires 300 hours on internship) 7
PSGE 6656Multicultural Counseling 83
PSGE 6653Field Experience II in Mental Health Counseling (Requires 300 hours on internship)3
PSGE 5625Theories Fam Couns: Asst3
PSGE 6609Advanced Assessment and Appraisal in Counseling 93
PSGE 6659Trauma Interp Neurobio 103
PSGE 5204Research Methods in Counseling 113
PSGE 6605Counseling Program Development and Evaluation3
PSGE 0705Master's Comprehensive Exam/Assessment in Counseling0
Total Credits60

Completion Requirements

To complete the M.S.E. in mental health counseling, students must meet the following requirements:

  • strictly adhere to the principles of academic integrity of Fordham University Graduate School of Education and to the ethical principles of the profession
  • complete the prescribed program of study, including 60 credits beyond the baccalaureate degree, with a minimum of 54 graduate credits taken at Fordham with the approval of an adviser
  • maintain a minimum overall graduate grade point average of 3.0 (B or better)
  • complete an end-of-program comprehensive assessment
  • complete a 600-hour mental health counseling internship

Students may be terminated from the program if they fail to complete any of these steps.