Preparing Future Faculty

One of the benefits of undertaking a Ph.D. at Fordham is the extensive teaching training and experience in which you have the opportunity to participate during the course of your program. GSAS is dedicated to aiding you in that journey and assisting your department in helping produce some of the best future faculty in the country. To showcase the outstanding training our students already receive and to deepen and develop those skills, GSAS has created the Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) program.

As a participant in the PFF Program, most of your training will be provided by department faculty and mentors, who will assist you in learning how to teach your specialty and how to balance the requirements of research with teaching. The program emphasizes mentorship, discipline-based pedagogy, digital pedagogy, and diversity training, adding value to the pedagogical training GSAS students already receive.

Program Overview

Designed to allow busy graduate students to participate throughout their academic careers and integrated with departmental training, the PFF Program balances time-tested and forward-looking pedagogical theories, techniques, and practices. Rooted in the Jesuit pedagogical tradition, PFF participants will reflect systematically on their training and the work they are undertaking in the classroom, focusing around six core competencies.


 For more in-depth information, visit our page on the Fordham website.