Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Ph.D. students entering with a master's in philosophy take 30 hours (10 classes) of coursework. Students entering the Ph.D. program without a master's in philosophy take 48 hours (16 classes) of coursework. All students, regardless of whether they enter with a prior master's, must take nine courses in the four historical areas. Students entering with a master's in philosophy will have their transcript evaluated to determine which of these requirements have been satisfied in their master's coursework. Ph.D. students earning a master's in cursu must satisfy the distribution requirement for the master's by the time they complete the qualifying paper requirement.

Students entering without a master's may take only three 5000-level courses. Students entering with a master's may only take 6000-level courses or above. To remain in the program, students must maintain a GPA of at least 3.5 (based on a 4.0 scale).

Students must obtain the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies when selecting courses.

CIP Code

38.0101 - Philosophy.

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Course Title Credits
Required Courses
Two required courses in each of the below areas: 118
Ancient Philosophy
Medieval Philosophy
Modern Philosophy
One required course in each of the below areas:9
Contemporary Analytical Philosophy
Contemporary Continental Philosophy
Contemporary Continental (Other) Philosophy
Elective Courses
For students with a master's degree, one elective, totaling ten courses. For students with a bachelor's degree, seven electives, totaling sixteen courses. 23 to 21
Logic Requirement (or Department exam) 3
Logic I
Logic Examination
Reading knowledge of 2 languages other than English (or Department exams)
Reading French Theory
French for Reading
GSAS Language Exam 1 German II
GSAS Language Exam 2
Proseminar, Comprehensive Exam, Qualifying Papers, and Dissertation: 3
Proseminar: Philosophy Research/Writing
PhD Qualifying Papers—Philosophy
PhD Comprehensive Examination-Philosophy (Oral Reading List Exam)
Proposal Development
Proposal Acceptance
Dissertation Direction (Completion and public defense of the dissertation)
Total Credits30-48

If these requirements are fulfilled with an M.A., you may substitute completion of the course with an additional elective. 


Elective courses can be any graduate-level course in the Philosophy department. For students entering with a master's, courses must be 6000-level or above. 


More information about these requirements are outlined on our page on the Fordham website.

Ancient Philosophy courses

Courses in this group have the PGAN attribute.

Course Title Credits
PHIL 5001Introduction to Plato3
PHIL 5009Introduction to Aristotle3
PHIL 5209Ancient Philosophy3
PHIL 6025Philosophy's Origins3
PHIL 6101Presocratic Philosophy3
PHIL 6420Expertise3
PHIL 7009Plotinus3
PHIL 7012Plato's Dialogues3
PHIL 7018Ancient Psychology3
PHIL 7310Self-Cultivation Philosophies3
PHIL 7650Aristotelian Ethics3

Medieval Philosophy courses

Courses in this group have the PGMD attribute.

Course Title Credits
PHIL 5010Introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas3
PHIL 5012Introduction to St. Augustine3
PHIL 6110Philosophy of the Islamic World3
PHIL 6460Intentionality3
PHIL 6505Medieval Philosophical Theories of the Fall3
PHIL 7039Aquinas's Philosophy of God3
PHIL 7042Buridan on the Soul3
PHIL 7058Bonaventure's Metaphysics3
PHIL 7060Varieties of Essentialism3
PHIL 7069Medieval Logic and Metaphysics3
PHIL 7071Aquinas: Questions on God3
PHIL 7076Metaphysical Themes in Duns Scotus3
PHIL 7080Medieval Views on Cognition and Certainty3

Modern Philosophy courses

Courses in this group have the PGCM attribute.

Course Title Credits
PHIL 5002Nineteenth Century Philosophy3
PHIL 5005Classical Modern Philosophy3
PHIL 6104German Idealism and Freedom3
PHIL 7106Kant I3
PHIL 7110Descartes and Spinoza3
PHIL 7120Philosophical Writings of Rousseau3
PHIL 7140Kant and German Idealism3
PHIL 7149Hegel's Phenomenology3
PHIL 7161Nietzsche3
PHIL 7164First Philosophy: Nietzsche, Heidegger, and the Presocratics3
PHIL 7166Recognition and Intersubjectivity3
PHIL 7370Moral Emotions3
PHIL 7380Modern Philosophies of Property3

Contemporary Philosophy courses

Courses in this group have the PGCP attribute.

Course Title Credits
PHIL 5002Nineteenth Century Philosophy3
PHIL 6103Dialectical Thinking and Ideology Critique3
PHIL 6440The Epistemology of John Henry Newman3
PHIL 7031Alienation and Reification3
PHIL 7153Husserl's Later Thought3
PHIL 7156Husserl and Heidegger3
PHIL 7159Kierkegaard3
PHIL 7161Nietzsche3
PHIL 7164First Philosophy: Nietzsche, Heidegger, and the Presocratics3
PHIL 7203Merleau-Ponty3
PHIL 7204Wittgenstein and Later Wittgenstein3
PHIL 7210Whitehead3
PHIL 7215Wittgenstein's 'Philosophical Investigations'3
PHIL 7229Derrida3
PHIL 7235Husserl's 'Ideas II'3
PHIL 7459Heidegger's Being and Time, Black Notebooks3

Metaphysics and Epistemology courses

Courses in this group have the PGME attribute.

Course Title Credits
PHIL 5051Existentialism and Critical Phenomenology3
PHIL 5075Continental Philosophy and Faith3
PHIL 5250Philosophies of Race3
PHIL 6105Laws of Nature3
PHIL 6109The Epistemology and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence3
PHIL 6215French Philosophy of Education3
PHIL 6251American Pragmatism3
PHIL 6252American Philosophy3
PHIL 6410Understanding and Wisdom3
PHIL 6436Philosophy of Time and Persistence3
PHIL 6457Mind-Body Problem3
PHIL 6580Virtue Epistemology3
PHIL 6805Topics in Phil of Rel.3
PHIL 6850Hermeneutics3
PHIL 7060Varieties of Essentialism3
PHIL 7145Phenomenology and Religious Experience3
PHIL 7157Phenomenology3
PHIL 7236The Emotions and Moral Perception3
PHIL 7340Humility and Arrogance3
PHIL 7350Evidential Undermining3
PHIL 7360Scientific Realism3
PHIL 7465The Emotions3
PHIL 7730Recent Work in Epistemology3
PHIL 7752Divine Providence3
PHIL 7857Topics in Contmp Metaphy3

Value Theory courses

Courses in this group have the PGVT attribute.

Course Title Credits
PHIL 5003Natural Law Ethics3
PHIL 5114Normative Ethical Theory3
PHIL 5250Philosophies of Race3
PHIL 5305Confronting Moral Controversy3
PHIL 6102Human Rights3
PHIL 6103Dialectical Thinking and Ideology Critique3
PHIL 6106Autonomy and Paternalism3
PHIL 6108Communitarianism3
PHIL 6111Affective Injustice3
PHIL 6120Democratic Political Economy3
PHIL 6190Feminist Political Philosophy3
PHIL 6270Pragmatist Ethics3
PHIL 6471Responsibility and Blame3
PHIL 6472Responsibility, Blame, and Forgiveness3
PHIL 6630Discourse Ethics3
PHIL 7031Alienation and Reification3
PHIL 7035Recent Critical Theory3
PHIL 7166Recognition and Intersubjectivity3
PHIL 7236The Emotions and Moral Perception3
PHIL 7240Contemporary Metaethics3
PHIL 7245Moral Psychology of Anger3
PHIL 7465The Emotions3
PHIL 7580Biopolitics and Necropolitics3
PHIL 7605Philosophical Aesthetics3
PHIL 7664Philosophy of Literature3
PHIL 7675Moral Genealogies3
PHIL 7680Classics of Analytic Ethics3
PHIL 7760Dimensions of Political Justice3
PHIL 7770Philosophical Bioethics3