Rhetoric & Writing (Adv Cert)

This program is currently accepting applications from potential students for enrollment in fall 2023.

The Advanced Certificate in Rhetoric & Writing, a standalone program, offers M.A., Ph.D., and non-degree graduate students the opportunity to pursue a coherent body of coursework in the advanced, interdisciplinary study of rhetoric and writing, encompassing theoretical, applied, and pedagogical aspects of language, literacy, and discourse in a range of historical, cultural, social, educational, and political contexts. Designed to complement graduate work in literary studies as well as other areas of emphasis within and beyond English, the certificate provides focused learning and mentorship for students whose future goals include scholarship, teaching, administration, and/or consulting related to writing and rhetoric in a range of academic, professional, and community settings.

A four-course, twelve (12) credit program, the Advanced Certificate in Rhetoric & Writing is available to all degree-seeking students admitted to Fordham's English Ph.D. and M.A. degree programs. It is also available to graduate students from other departments as well as non-degree/non-matriculated students who meet all requirements outlined by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) Office of Admissions and who receive approval from the Director of Graduate Studies and Department Chair to take graduate courses in English. In short, this standalone advanced certificate program is open to any qualified applicant.

The Advanced Certificate in Rhetoric & Writing comprises four courses (12 credits) from the list below.

Courses in this group have the ENRW attribute.

Course Title Credits
ENGL 5650Special Topics in Writing Studies3
ENGL 5660Research Methods in Rhetoric & Writing Studies3
ENGL 5670History of Rhetoric3
ENGL 5680The Writing & Rhetoric of Scholarly Genres3
ENGL 5690Seminar in Professional & Technical Writing Pedagogy3
ENGL 5999Theory and Practice of Teaching Writing3
ENGL 6004Practicum in Writing Pedagogy3