Attribute Code Index

This page is a list of all GSAS course attributes and their use.

Attribute code Description
CSSO Computer Science (M.S.) Software courses
CSAI Computer Science (M.S.) Artificial Intelligence courses
CSCY Computer Science (M.S.) Cybersecurity courses
CSDA Computer Science (M.S.) Data Analytics courses
CSNS Computer Science (M.S.) Networks & Systems courses
CYSM Cybersecurity M.S. electives
DATI Data Science (M.S.) Introductory requirements
DATA Data Science (M.S.) Elective courses
ENME ENGL-GA: Literature before 1485 requirement
ENBE ENGL-GA: British Literature 1485-1800 requirement
ENBL ENGL-GA: British Literature after 1800 requirement
ENAE ENGL-GA: American Literature before 1910 requirement
ENAL ENGL-GA: American Literature since 1910 requirement
ENGT ENGL-GA: Graduate Theory requirement
ENGD ENGL-GA: Difference and Intersectionality requirement
CEED Center for Ethics Education courses
CEMP CEED: Moral Philosophy requirement
CEMT CEED: Moral Theology requirement
CENS CEED: Social and Natural Science requirement
CETH CEED: Ethics and Society electives
HECH Health Care Ethics (Adv Cert.) Humanities courses
HECS Health Care Ethics (Adv. Cert.) Social Science courses
IHUA International Humanitarian Action electives
HUCB HUST-GA: Communities and Capacity Building concentration
HUHR HUST-GA: Human Rights concentration
HULI HUST-GA: Livelihoods and Institutions concentration
IPED International Political Economy and Development electives
MVSG Medieval Studies M.A. electives
PGAN PHIL-GA: Ancient Philosophy requirement
PGMD PHIL-GA: Medieval Philosophy requirement
PGCM PHIL-GA: Modern Philosophy requirement
PGCA PHIL-GA: Contemporary Analytical Philosophy requirement
PGCC PHIL-GA: Contemporary Continental Philosophy requirement
PGOC PHIL-GA: Contemporary Philosophy (Other) requirement
APSM Applied Psychological Methods M.S.
PMPE APSM: Program Evaluation concentration
PMTM APSM: Tests and Measurement concentration
CLPS Clinical Psychology Ph.D.
CPAE CLPS: Assessment requirement
CPCE CLPS: Clinical requirement
CPIE CLPS: Intervention requirement
CLRM Clinical Research Methodology electives
CLMB CLRM: Breadth requirement
PSYM Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology electives
PMMA Public Media electives
PMTC PMMA: Fundamentals requirement
PMMJ PMMA: Multiplatform Journalism concentration
PMSC PMMA: Strategic Communication concentration
URSG Urban Studies M.A. electives