D.P.S. in Business

The Doctor of Professional Studies (DPS) program offers doctoral-level education for the practitioner community.

This three- or four-year program—similar in nature to a Doctor of Business Administration degree—is designed for experienced individuals who seek higher-level roles in business, entrepreneurship, or education.

The curriculum prepares graduates for future pursuits in private or public corporations, nonprofit organizations, financial institutions, universities, or government agencies.

Students may focus their studies in one of three areas:

  • Strategy and Decision-Making
  • Capital Markets
  • Business Economics

The average time to complete the D.P.S. is four years. Advanced students, such as those who come in with prior transferable coursework, may be able to finish in three years. The maximum timeline is six years; the fifth and sixth years are an option available only to students who are unable to write and successfully defend the dissertation by the end of the fourth year.

Thanks to our partnership with Peking University in Beijing, there is a cohort of students who take classes at Fordham's Lincoln center only in the summer and study in Beijing during the remainder of the year.

To learn more about the D.P.S. in Business program, please visit the Fordham website.

Graduation from the DPS requires completion of courses and minimum credit hours with a GPA of at least 3.0 and a written dissertation approved by a doctoral dissertation committee

The DPS program consists of 70 total credit hours, which includes a combination of coursework credits and dissertation credits.


All students will complete 42 credit hours of trimester-based coursework (fall, spring, and summer) in the first two years, comprising 24 credit hours of core courses and 18 credit hours of specialized electives. 

The first two years are broken down as follows:

  • Year 1: five core courses (15 credits) and two electives (6 credits)
  • Year 2: three core courses (9 credits) and four electives (12 credits)

Core courses

(3 credits each)

  • Global Economy and Development
  • Philosophy of Business Research
  • Topics in Business Research
  • Research Methods and Research Design
  • Empirical Seminars on Business Research I
  • Advanced Topics in Business Research
  • Independent Study: Frontier in Business Practices
  • Empirical Seminars on Business Research II

The specialized electives are what enables each student to focus on one of the three primary areas: Strategy and Decision-Making, Capital Markets, or Business Economics. 


All students will complete 28 credit hours of dissertation work in years three and four.

Of these, 6 credit hours are toward the preparation and defense of dissertation proposal, and 22 credit hours are toward the preparation and final defense of the dissertation.

Students research, write, and defend their proposal on the first half of year three.

Once the proposal is approved, students spend the second half of year three and the entirety of year four researching and writing the full dissertation, with the defense taking place at the end of the fourth year.

A dissertation committee consists of all supervisors and several other faculty from Fordham University and other partner universities. This committee determines the outcome of the defense of each doctoral dissertation. A doctoral dissertation is successfully defended only when all members of the dissertation committee sign the approval form.