Business Analytics for Managers (Adv Cert)

15 credits 

NYSED 40804

Business analytics (BA) is the application of quantitative and qualitative methods and tools to data in order to gain insight and make informed decisions. The confluence of an increasingly complex world, the vast availability and rapid proliferation of data, and the urgent need to stay ahead of the competition has sharpened the focus on using analytics within organizations. Popular literature is abuzz with news of how business analytics is helping organizations in every industry use information to their advantage. Business analytics help businesses to meet such objectives as growth and competitive differentiation, to engage in better business performance management, to evaluate choices regarding products and pricing, and to make operations more efficient and effective. In particular, analytics is helping organizations both to anticipate and initiate change by uncovering unexpected associations and patterns. Its growing importance in organizations is creating a demand for business people who are trained in the technologies and methodologies of business analytics.

The Gabelli School of Business’ Advanced Certificate in Business Analytics for Managers program is specifically targeted to managers looking to delve into the business analytics arena and prepares students for exciting and lucrative career opportunities by enhancing their capabilities for data- and model-driven decision-making. It takes advantage of the limited time students have for their studies by acutely focusing on specific areas of business analytics according to their interests and their organization’s immediate needs. The 15-credit certificate will set students up with the courses they need to transfer to a possible future M.S. program or to pursue their careers with very focused skills. The program integrates the fields of analytics techniques, data management, information technology, modeling, and statistical analysis through core classes and electives that train students to become effective analysts and informed users of business data. The program prepares students to develop quantitative and qualitative skills required in data-driven industries such as banking, consumer products, energy, government, health care, insurance, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals.

The curriculum consists of five courses (two required core and three electives) spanning two to three semesters, resulting in a 15-credit Advanced Certificate in Business Analytics for Managers.

Admissions requirements include:

  • Completed and signed application
  • Application fee
  • Written statements
  • Official undergraduate transcript (and graduate transcript)
  • Two reference letters
  • Resume


Course Title Credits
Core Courses
Choose two courses from the list below.6
Elective Courses
Choose three courses from the list below.9
Total Credits15

Core Courses

Courses in this group have the GB01 attribute.

Course Title Credits
ISGB 7943Programming with Python3
ISGB 7967Data Mining for Business3
ISGB 7975Business Analytics for Managers3
ISGB 799VR Statistical Programming3

Elective Courses

Courses in this group have the GB02 attribute.

Course Title Credits
ISGB 7933Audit Data Analytics3
ISGB 7934Artificial Intelligence3
ISGB 7944Sports Analytics3
ISGB 7973Database Management3
ISGB 7978Web Analytics3
ISGB 7980Bus Modeling w/Adv Sprdsheets3
ISGB 7988Business Performance and Risk Management3
ISGB 7990Big Data Analytics3
ISGB 799ZDeep Learning3
ISGB 79AAAdvanced Python for Financial Programming3
ISGB 79ACCybersecurity Analytics for Business3