Remedies Law (RMGL)

RMGL 0204. REMEDIES. (3 Credits)

Students are expected to master the basis concepts of the equity and law traditons. We study of legal and equitable civil remedies for tort, contractual, employment law, and constitutional claims. Equitable remedies such as injunctions, specific performance, restitution, reformation, and rescission are a focus. particular attention is given to structural injunctions, centering on the history of public school integration litigation engenderedby Brown II. Attention is given to compensatory and punitive damages, both in actions in tort and for breach of contract under the Uniform Commercial Code. Particular attention is given to mass tort remedies for economic loss, as in the BP Gulf Oil spill, and structured settlements in mass tort cases such as the J&J Hip Implant cases. Also covered are statutory remedies sych as declaratory judgments and attorneys fees as damages in intellectual property and civil rights cases.

Attributes: LDF, LIDR, LMCO.