Operations (Graduate) (OPGB)

OPGB 6627. Operations and Supply Chain Management. (3 Credits)

This is an MBA flex core course that studies the operations of both manufacturing and service organizations with the objective of simultaneously optimizing the quality and productivity of the operations systems. Students will develop techniques for strategic planning and system design, such as quality control, aggregate and capacity planning, project planning, scheduling and control, material and inventory management, and just-in-time production.

Attributes: BUAN, ISEL.

OPGB 76AA. Operations and Supply Chain Management. (3 Credits)

Students will study the operations function for both manufacturing and service organizations with the objective of the simultaneous optimization of the quality and productivity of the operating systems. They will also learn techniques for strategic planning and system design.

OPGB 76AP. Project Management. (3 Credits)

Provides the skills project managers need to complete projects on time and on budget. Technology improvements in organizations are implemented through projects, and strong project management skills are a key success factor from companies to achieve the expected benefits from their technology investments. Topics include setting and maintaining project scope, developing work plans, estimating required resources, developing work programs, organizing project teams, super-users, monitoring and controlling projects, maintaining relationships with users and management, status reporting, and key factors for realizing the anticipated benefits from the investment. Students use a computer-based project management tool as part of this course.

OPGB 76BB. Studies in Quality Management. (3 Credits)

This course is centered around the concepts, theories, and techniques of quality management (QM). It examines the origins of QM and how its principles, techniques, and tools can be properly integrated to improve the performance of both manufacturing and service organizations. Specific topics discussed in the course include quality management principles, national quality awards, ISO 9000, quality aspects of product/service design; quality cost, customer/vendor relations; process capability and statistical process control; and management of improvement process.

OPGB 76BR. Health Care Operations Mgt. (3 Credits)

Health Care Operations Management is a discipline that integrates scientific principles of operations management to determine the most effective and efficient methods to support patient care delivery. The biggest challenge in health care is to provide high quality care while at the same time keeping costs down. As such, all health care sectors must be driven by process management, quality improvement, information technology, knowledge management, and resource alignment. This course addresses these challenges in many ways, from the design of patient flow to streamlined process, from resource management to supply chain management, from quality control to patient safety, from forecasting to capacity planning, and from continuous improvement to project management.

OPGB 76CA. Accounting Controls. (3 Credits)

The primary focus of the class will be on the use of data-driven analytics to help managers make key operating and strategic decisions. A secondary focus will be on the use of data-driven analytics for the purpose of internal control.

OPGB 76CB. Process Management and Six Sigma. (3 Credits)

A process is the collection of activities and operations that transform inputs into outputs. This course focuses on learning how to improve organizational processes by using the globally recognized problem-solving methodology knows as Lean Six Sigma. Students in this course will learn the five phases of the Lean Six Sigma method and will have the chance to apply the techniques and tools learned in class in real-world projects. Students that meet the requirements of classroom lectures and tests, case studies, and projects will earn Six Sigma White/Yellow Belt Certificates issued by Ernst & Young; students are also encouraged and supported to get Six Sigma certificates from the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

OPGB 8999. Independent Study. (3 Credits)

Independent Study.